Fabulous Autumnal Wreaths from Students!

What a fun class on Monday; everyone’s wreath was gorgeous! Feast your eyes…

“I had a really wonderful time. It was very rewarding to work on something
creative, spend time with my friend AND have all the tools and materials
set up and ready for me when I got to Françoise’s workshop. Plus, I got to
take home my wreath which I’m sure would have cost me twice as much as the class if I had bought it in the store instead. Françoise’s teaching style
is casual, creative and inspiring. In an hour, she had all of us making
wreaths that looked like they came from a professional! Paulette Carter
Portland, Oregon

Paulette's wreath 1

Paulette's wreath detail 5

Paulette's wreath detail 6

kathleen's wreath

Kathleen's wreath detail 1Kathleen's wreath detail 2

Erin's wreath

Erin's wreath detail 1Erin's wreath detail 2

Lalena's wreath 1

Lalena's wreath detail 1Lalena's wreath detail 2

Dawn's wreath

dawn's wreath detail 1Dawn's wreath detail 2

Traci's wreath 1

Tracy's wreath detail 1.

Tracy's wreath detail2

lisa's wreath 1

lisa's wreath detail 1lisa's wreath detail 2

Sue's wreath

Sue's wreath detail 1Sue's wreath detail 2

autunal wreath class1

autumnal wreath class 2

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