Botanical Shoes for the Schoolhouse Supplies Benefit

Last Friday Schoolhouse Supplies, an organization that connects members of the community with students in over 130 schools throughout the Portland Public School district, had it’s annual fundraiser at the Portland Art MuseumOnPoint sponsored the Celebrity Bee benefit. The fundraiser was a huge success!!!!

It was a pleasure to sponsor the flowers for this special event. Joni Shimabukuro was the photographer extraordinaire! Joni has such a keen eye and her images always reveal the most minute details.

It was a blast making the botanical shoes for the bistro tables!






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  • Shoe Tips February 10th, 2012 3:11 am

    I am lover of art and shoes this is unreal to see something so artisitic.My forvorite one has to be the 4th one.I will be loking forward to more along the linesw of this.

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