Wedding/Event Workshop in Los Angeles (Day 1)

Lori Eschler Frystack with Blossom Alliance had invited me to teach a wedding/event workshop in her studio in Los Angeles. The experience was fantastic!

She took me bright and early (at 2am) to the flower market on Monday morning, so we could pick the best from the most abundant selection of flowers. I had a hard time grasping the magnitude of that place filled with flowers, plants and hard goods from dozens wholesalers and local growers. By 6:30am we headed back home, with loads of flowers, textures, houseplants and succulents.

On Tuesday Leslie, Kate, Becky and Tara joined us. We discussed business issues the first hour and then the real fun started: after sharing lots of ideas, mechanics and techniques, everyone made a woodland centerpiece. In the afternoon it was time to experiment with a different type of centerpiece.

Thank you Lori for all the pictures!

Feast your eyes!


Leslie's designs:

Tara's designs:


Becky's designs:

Lori's designs:

Kate's designs:

arrangement on agave leaf that Kate picked in Lori's garden





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