Rose Hill Flower Farm

Elizabeth Bryant is the organic flower grower extraordinaire at Rose Hill Flower Farm in West Linn. She came to visit in the studio last fall and we hit it off right away! I had prepared a long list of favorite plants and flowers and mentioned that it would be fantastic if she would be interested in growing some of them. This past season I was absolutely thrilled to work with the selection that she delivered weekly at the studio. We both are so passionate about our work and we can talk endlessly about flowers and plants. I was delighted to visit her farm this summer.
Here is a sample of her treasures: salpiglossis, nicotiana, several varieties of clematis, love-in-a-puff, cleome, ageratum, penstemon, salvia, abuliton, gloriosa lilies, chocolate cosmos,  allium, cerinthe, toadlilies, persian shield, nigella, many herbs and lots of fantastic texture… I cannot wait to see what she has in store for next year!

sweetpeas at Rose Hill Flower Farm

Elizabeth amongst her amazing sweetpeas!

botanical headpiece with sweetpeas, clematis, chocolate cosmos,..., Françoise Weeks

most of the flowers in this headpiece were grown by Elizabeth

photo: Ted Mishima

botanical headpiece with abuliton and gloriosa lilies, 1 Françoise Weeks

the gloriosa lilies and abuliton were perfect!

photo: Ted Mishima

whimsical bouquet with salpiglossis, sweetpeas and penstemon, Françoise Weeks

salpiglossis: such a favorite!

Joni Photo

bridal bouquet with cleome, salvia, ageratum and purple sweetpeas, Françoise Weeks

cleome, nicotiana, ageratum, salvia, sweetpeas

woodland bridal bouquet love-in-a-puff and toadlilies and nicotiana, Françoise Weeks

woodland bouquet with nocotiana, toadlilies, chocolate cosmos and one of my favorite texture: love-in-a-puff

Joni Photo

did quite a few purple weddings; the clematis and salvia, perstemon and purple shield were perfect!

botanical purse with purple flowers8, Françoise Weeks

botanical purse with purple flowers12, Françoise Weeks

purple arrangement in artichoke - persian shield, Françoise Weeks

bridal bouquet with clematis and purple sweetpeas, Françoise Weeks

chuppah decorations with clematis 1, Double Tree, Françoise Weeks

woodland bridal bouquet love-in-a-puff, Françoise Weeks

love-in-a-puff: favorite texture!

when opening the puff, the seed is shaped in a little heart!

botanical purse with purple flowers10, Françoise Weeks

chocolate cosmos and nigella at Rose Hill Flower Farm

chocolate cosmos and nigella

photo: Elizabeth Bryant

salvias at Rose Hill Flower Farm


photo: Elizabeth Bryant

dahlias at Rose Hill Flower Farm

photo: Elizabeth Bryant

5 Comments on “Rose Hill Flower Farm”

  • Laurie Garza (Fleurie) October 24th, 2013 7:42 am

    I need to pay this Rose Hill Flower Farm a visit on my way to WA next summer! Thank you for sharing these great pictures!

  • @KaseyCronquist October 28th, 2013 6:25 am

    Great to see designer and farmer working together, it’s a beautiful thing!


  • Françoise October 28th, 2013 3:26 pm

    Kasey, Elizabeth Bryant is a fabulous organic farmer! As I mentioned in the blog, we’ve become really good friends and it is so much fun to talk flowers with her and being able to ask a grower if she would be willing to grow some favorites! She definitely is someone to be included along with other growers for future meetings like the one at Leach Botanical Gardens earlier this month.

  • Robin Powell October 28th, 2013 1:46 pm

    I want to know where you get those crop cover support posts that are in your pictures? Did you make them or buy them? I am a flower farmer in Western Pennsylvania. Thanks

  • Françoise October 28th, 2013 3:28 pm

    Hi, please contact Elizabeth Bryant at as she is the flower farmer.
    Have a great evening!

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