Workshop in Chicago on April 8 & 9


woodland spring bouquet, Françoise Weeks

photo: Nicole Wickens

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 8 & 9, 2014, 9AM to 4PM each day

Hosted by Alexandra Jusino of:
Exquisite Designs

Located in Chicago’s Near West Side neighborhood

Woodland and Botanical Couture Workshop

Class size limited to 12 students! Create and keep your designs.

Please bring your own tools, i.e. clippers, scissors, wire cutters and knives.

Lunch 12PM to 1PM: bring your own or we can order out for sandwiches.

Price $1185

Register for the Workshop

Price $1,185

Tuesday, April 8 – Woodland Arrangements In this workshop you will learn the mechanics behind creating textural and detailed designs that will expand the way you think about flowers. We will discuss and design personal flowers, unique centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. This workshop offers practical, hands-on experience that will further develop your own skills and increase your confidence to explore outside the box. After a demonstration of techniques and mechanics, you will design your own pieces.

For Françoise, the Woodlands sprouted from a childhood memory that took a life of its own. Using foliage, bark, berries, seedpods, twigs, mushrooms, herbs and some flowers, we’ll explore how to make woodland bouquets as well as centerpieces. We’ll discuss color, texture, form, ideas and techniques.

Wednesday, April 9 – Botanical Couture We’ll explore different ideas for botanical purses as centerpieces and will discuss sourcing materials and the mechanics involved to create a wide variety of these unique designs. The afternoon session will focus on botanical headpieces.


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Workshop Info
Françoise Weeks
Atelier Botanique Françoise Weeks
Lodging Info
Alexandra Jusino
Exquisite Designs

Selection of images of projects that students will make or that I will demo:

woodland bouquet 3 ,  Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

woodland bouquet 3,  Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

woodland bouquet 2, Françoise Weeks

b woodland centerpiece with  purple and red  flowers, 1Françoise Weeks

woodland centerpiece 1, Françoise Weeks

woodland with disk 4, Françoise Weeks

woodland with muscari and daffodils, Françoise Weeks

woodland centerpiece with muscari and cyclamen 1, Françoise Weeks

centerpiece with herbs, textures and edibles, the Reserve in Aloha, Françoise Weeks

woodland centerpiece for long tables, West End Ballroom, Françoise Weeks

photo: Leah Verwey

name cards on log 1, Hawks View Cellars, Françoise Weeks

photo: Alan Weiner

log arrangement, detail, Francoise Weeks

photo: Alan Weiner

aisle decoration, Hawks View Cellars, Françoise Weeks

photo: Alan Weiner

botanical headpiece , Françoise Weeks

photo: Ted Mishima

botanical purse, Françoise Weeks

Jamie Bosworth Photographer

white flower purse 1, Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

botanical headpiece and necklace, Françoise Weeks

photo: Ted Mishima

pink botanical headpiece , Françoise Weeks

photo: Ted Mishima

pink flower purse, Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

fushia flower purse with silver leaf, Power of the Purse, Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

fushia flower purse with silver leaf 1, Power of the Purse, Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

Testimonial from a student:

After attending a three day workshop at Françoise’s studio in Portland I was so enchanted that I turned up at another class she taught when she traveled to the Bay Area to teach. She is full of creativity, knowledge and talent. Furthermore, she is an inspiration for innumerable and valuable ideas. Her way of viewing design and flora can be described as playful, curious and appreciative, which she is able to communicate to students while being respectful of individual processes. Each time I attend a course I learn a new way to “see” composition. I am now a captivated fan!

Sheryl Tynes, San Francisco, CA – (Workshop in Orinda, CA)

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