Woodland Workshop in the Studio on August 11, 12 & 13

woodland bouquet, Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

woodland bouque 1t, Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

Explore the many possibilities the woodlands have to offer and be inspired by the botanical treasures of the Pacific Northwest! Françoise’s absolute love for this style of arrangement stems from her time spent as a child in Switzerland. Foraging for a piece of wood or bark and moss and adding some wildflowers, she would make arrangements for her Mother while on summer hikes with her family in the Alps. Her woodland fairy creations have since bloomed into unique centerpieces and bouquets using the foliage of the Northwest as her muse. Detail is paramount in these layered, intricate creations. Gather ideas to express your creativity and learn to work with woodland materials found in nature!

Woodland Workshops are intensive and inspiring, providing insights and techniques developed over many years of European floral design. Classes begin with a lecture and presentation, where your input and questions are welcomed.

After a demonstration of floral techniques and mechanics, you will design your own pieces. You will hone your artistic talents, and will be encouraged to listen to your intuition and further your own vision. Classes are limited to five students to ensure valuable individual attention.

Dates: Monday August 11, Tuesday August 12, Wednesday August 13

Time: 9am til 4pm (1 hour lunch break)

Where: At Françoise’s Studio

Cost: $1,300 – A 50% deposit is requested to reserve your space; the balance is due July 28.

For more information, please call 503-236-5829 or check  my website

Here are some pictures of what you will learn the mechanics of: log arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths, bridal bouquets and much more – each day you will make 2 designs and will choose materials from a plethora of textures and botanical treasures

log arrangement with wasp nest, Françoise Weeks

photo: Alan Weiner

woodland arrangement4, Françoise weeks

Honeysuckle  Photography

spring woodland, Françoise Weeks

photo: Ted Mishima

woodland arrangement on bark 2, Françoise Weeks

Joni Photo

log arrangement 1, Françoise Weeks

Jamie Bosworth Photographer

small woodland on disk, Ecotrust, Françoise Weeks

woodland bouquet 2, Françoise Weeks

woodland bouquet 2 , Françoise Weeks

woodland centerpiece, Françoise Weeks

woodland centerpiece, detail, Françoise Weeks

fall woodland arrangement , Françoise Weeks

photo: David Barss

square woodland wreath, Françoise Weeks

Jamie Bosworth Photographer

woodland wreath, Zenith Vineyards, Françoise Weeks

photo: Erin Grace

parsley, and textures, Françoise Weeks

woodland arrangement, detail , Françoise Weeks

woodland arrangement, detail, Françoise Weeks

log arrangement, Françoise Weeks

woodland workshop in the studio, Françoise Weeks

Testimonial from a student:

Françoise, I am stuck on writing this! What to say that everyone who has attended your workshops hasn’t already said?

I enrolled in the woodland workshop. I needed help creating a focus for my new studio. I wanted to learn specific mechanics and was in great need of inspiration – to be reminded of how magical it is to be able to work everyday with flowers.

Françoise Weeks’ Portland studio was the inside of a botanical genie’s lamp.  She helped me make magic with her overflowing treasure trove of textures and colors.  She allowed me many, many wishes; from mechanics I was anxious to learn to business and marketing advice, she granted all.

 Françoise’s generosity with practical information and generosity of spirit and artistry were exactly what I needed.  I accomplished and learned more in three days than I could have hoped (and I had very high hopes). Most importantly, I have returned home to my studio utterly inspired.  There is nothing more valuable or magical than that.

 Autumn Keller, Indianapolis, IN

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