Botanical Couture Design Workshop in Françoise’s Studio in Portland, OR


photo Ted Mishima

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
July 20, 21 & 22, 2015
9:30AM to 4:30PM


Class size limited to 5 students.

Lodging and additional information can be viewed here.


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Price $1,100


orange and fushia flower purse, Vista Hill, Françoise Weeks

photo Jessica Hill



Put your inner fashionista on display! Lush and vibrant or simple and elegant, the elements used all add up to create a unique design. After fashioning a basic form that can be bent or shaped, your creativity will be called upon to construct these cascading arrangements. Flowers, striking foliage and bundles of berries compose a picture perfect frame.

botanical shoe with croton leaves, orchids and rose, Françoise Weeks

photo Joni Shimabukuro

Purses & Jewelry

Used as centerpieces or in bridal arrangements, observe what goes into creating a structure that imitates the elaborate style of couture. Once your base is created, let your imagine run wild with what to cover it with–foliage, petals, gilded leaves, feathers and sisal materials. We will talk about sourcing materials and the mechanics involved to create a wide variety of these unique designs.

Aluminium wire will be manipulated to create the base for botanical rings, bracelets, necklaces and even scarves and for the earrings we will start with a set of inexpensive earrings and decorate them elegantly. These beautiful detailed pieces will make for unique accessories for any event or wedding.



photo Ted Mishima



Another day, another design element. Shoes can be created from a wire structures or using an old shoe as a base–which can then be worn! Elegant and gorgeous, these fairytale slippers are a striking addition to fashion shows, bridal showers and weddings. Once the foundation is laid, styles can vary widely depending on your choice of flowers.

*Day three begins with a trip to the Portland Flower Market.

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