Demos for Botanical Couture Workshop in Napa

Photographer Elisa Cicinelli documented so beautifully  the 2 day botanical couture workshop, hosted by Barbara Colvin! Here are some images of the demos that I made ahead of time as well as some of the teaching in action.

Thank you Elisa!

Botanical necklaces

This very simple necklace was made with petals of hydrangea, highlighted with some tendrils of passion vine, snipped from my garden in Portland.

The base of this necklace was made with hot glue:

Bark, cymbidium orchids, succulents and other textures  covered the aluminum frame of this asymmetrical necklace

Botanical bracelet

Lots of textures with a few James Storey orchids

Botanical ring and earring

Succulents, seedpods, bits of coxcomb and protea,…


Aluminum wire from Oasis is ideal to make the base for rings and other jewelry

Botanical purses

Base is covered with croton leaves and rosemary; euphorbia, chocolate cosmos, kangaroo paws, coxcomb and textures to decorate the purse

Bark, succulents and lots of textures make this very organic purse come to life

Botanical shoe

Foliage of ti leaves cover the shoe; decorated with succulents, seedpods, tendrils, kangaroo paws and orchids






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