Kolohe’s Woodland Shoot

Last week local photographer Stephanie Jarstad contacted me, asking if I would like to collaborate on a shoot. Recently her 8 month old husky had been diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease. She and her husband were heartbroken as they would have to put Kolohe down soon. She wanted to do one last photo shoot with him, surrounded by flowers. We decided to use treasures from the forest floor, as he used to love to run around in nature – as all puppies do.

I realized how emotional this collaboration would be, as we had lost our sweet Tanner last summer. 

In the studio I made different sections with beautiful pieces of bark and wooden discs and embellished them with evergreens, moss and lichens and many forest floor treasures and assembled all the pieces in their living room in a horse-shoe shaped woodland-scape; the center was a soft bed of small pieces of evergreens and  some rosepetals.

Kohole slept peacefully during the photo shoot and Stephanie captured so many peaceful images of him. You can see many more pictures and Kohole’s story on her blog post: ‘Copy of the Letter to Our Puppy in Heaven’ http://www.stephaniejarstad.com/blog/




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