Woodland/Botanical Couture Workshop in Beijing

Last month I went to Beijing for the 5th time to teach a 6 day woodland/botanical couture workshop, hosted by Cohim.

As always the students were eager to learn new mechanics and techniques and they splendidly interpreted them in their designs. They experienced how curiosity is a driving force to look at flowers through different eyes or to look at pieces of wood or bark as unique vessels. Deconstructing flowers and textures opens up so many options to design with unusual elements, especially when making jewelry.

Students made splendid woodland centerpieces, bouquets and wreaths and learned a foolproof system to decorate shoes. They learned how to create the basis for any shape of purses, jewelry, headpieces and flexible fabric and embellished them with flowers and textures.

On the last day, they worked in teams to make the dress form for a mannequin and collaborate on the design and application of leaves, flowers and textures.

I wanted to extend my gratitude to assistants Jo and Kevin and my translator Tina.

Photos are taken by photographer Kurt at Cohim and myself.


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