Woodland/Botanical Couture Workshop in New Orleans

Last month I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans to teach a 2 day workshop, hosted by Diane Mouton with Fat Cat Flowers. The day before the workshop we went to the flower market and visited several plant shops and got back to the studio with a plethora of fabulous flowers, textures and houseplants. We also had the opportunity to go forage fabulous pieces of woods.

8 very enthusiastic and talented designers attended the workshop. On the second afternoon photographers Marianne and Steve Sabrier with The Red M Studio  took pictures of everyone’s designs. Thank you Allie and Babs for modeling all the fabulous botanical headpieces and jewelry! And thank you Holly  Grace Manders for the beautiful hair and make-up for the models!

As always a huge thank you to Oasis for sponsoring the workshop!

woodland bouquet designed by Eva

design by student

design by Dee

design by Amy

cascading woodland bouquet designed by Ashley

demo for woodland

woodland centerpiece designed by student

botanical headpiece designed by Margaret

botanical mohawk designed by Sylvia

demo for botanical necklace and earring

demo for choker

botanical necklace designed by Dee

botanical necklace and ring designed by Joie

botanical headpiece designed by Babs

botanical headpiece designed by Eva

Thank you Diane for being such a fabulous host!

By the time we remembered to take pictures of everyone, some of the students had already left








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