Woodland/Botanical Couture Workshop in the Studio – Demos

I cannot than Theresa Bear enough for documenting this 3 day workshop so perfectly!

woodland-botanical couture workshop in studio , rings Francoise Weeks

botanical earring

woodland-botanical couture workshop in studio , earrings Francoise Weeks

botanical earrings


Woodland/Botanical Couture Workshop in the Studio – Day 3

woodland-botanical couture in studio, visit at Portland Flower Market, Francoise Weeks

We started the day with a visit at the Portland Flower Market . Back at the studio we explored mechanics and techniques to make botanical headpieces and jewelry. It was another fantastic creative day and Theresa Bear took great pictures again – Thank you!


Woodland/Botanical Couture Workshop in the Studio – Day 2

woodland-botanical couture workshop in the studio woodland bouquets, Francosie Weeks

In the morning we designed a woodland bouquet, using the european bouquet holder from Smithers Oasis. After explaining the mechanics on how to make the purses, the students created these beauties!

Photography by Theresa Bear


Woodland/Botanical Couture Workshop in the Studio – Day 1

woodland-botanical couture workshop in studio Francoise Weeks

The workshop in the studio last week was so much fun! The studio vibrated with creativity and what a great group of ladies who came from Charlotte, Missoula, Bozeman, Austin and Denver.

A huge thank you to Theresa Bear, who also documented these 3 days beautifully!

Day 1 was dedicated to woodland centerpieces and larger woodland arrangements


Botanical Shoes Workshop at the FDI in Portland

Leanne Kesler , director at the Floral Design Institute in Portland, invited me to teach a workshop on botanical shoes. Here is Leanne’s picture of the fabulous shoes that the students made. The other pictures of the 2 shoes for the demo  were taken in the garden with my very reliable I-phone.

flower shoes from students at FDI, photo Leanne Kesler

botanical shoe 1, Francoise Weeks


Designs with Rabbit’s Ear and Dusty Miller

A few weeks ago Royal Flowers commissioned some arrangements that would highlight the use of Rabbit’s Ear and Dusty Miller.  It was great to have creative license as long as the selection included at least one bridal bouquet and a holiday arrangement.

Thank you Joni Shimabukuro for the photography!

botanical purse, Francoise Weeks

botanical purse, detail 2, Francoise Weeks


Botanical Couture for Milieu Magazine


For quite a few years I had dreamed of doing a botanical dress – and I also knew that the project would have to be sponsored …I got lucky about a year ago. Pamela Pierce, editor of Milieu Magazine called last spring and invited me to make a botanical skirt with blue spring flowers. I was thrilled!

As always, there was a lot to be learned for doing a large project, within a 2 day time frame. I cannot thank Jo Jarvis enough for her collaboration – I could not have done this without all her help. My gratitude also to Lauren, whose assistance was incredibly helpful in the months leading up to the photo shoot.

Florabundance shipped the perfect hyacinths and muscari and Oasis Floral Products generously sponsored all the cold glue  – and did we ever use a lot of glue! Once the skirt was finished we designed a  botanical hat, shoes, clutch and a variety of jewelry.

Many thanks also to Peter Vitale for the beautiful photography and to Brittany Clark for modeling.


Workshop hosted by Cohim in Beijing: days 5-6

More woodland projects on day 5 – after the power point presentations  and learning about techniques and mechanics,  students created gorgeous woodland wreaths and arrangements on large pieces of wood.

On day 6 students were divided in teams and created fabulous structures! Some groups used a combination of existing stands, one group used the railing from a staircase as a base – the results were spectacular!

We had an fabulous time sharing so much information with all the students and were delighted at their brilliant creativity every day!

Our thanks to Oasis Floral Products and Smithers-Oasis China for sponsoring the workshop.

And our gratitude to Cohim for inviting us again to teach at their fabulous school and our appreciation for the wonderful translators.

Photography: Mr Tongzi

workshop at Cohim 6 , April 2016

photo: Tongzi


Workshop hosted by Cohim in Beijing: days 3-4

On day 3 we focused on structural bouquets and headpieces.

On day 4, Jo Jarvis taught a business class in the morning and in the afternoon students designed amazing botanical purses!

Much appreciation again to Smithers-Oasis China for sponsoring all the glue.

Thank you Mr Tongzi for the photographs!

botanical headpieces designed by students, workshop at Cohim , April 2016

photo: Tongzi


Workshop hosted by Cohim in Beijing: days 1-2

Last week I taught another 6 day workshop in Beijing, hosted by Cohim Fashion Training Organization. What a fabulous time Jo Jarvis and I had teaching there again and I much appreciated all the fabulous flower buying that Jo Jarvis did on a daily basis.

We wanted to thank Oasis Floral Products for sponsoring the European bouquet holders as well as Smithers Oasis China for sponsoring all the cold glue.

Judy was our fabulous translator and we also really appreciated the translation skills of Tina and Michelle.

After power point presentations in the morning and afternoon and explaining mechanics, the students created fantastic designs.

On day 1 we focused on woodland centerpieces and bouquets

On day 2 we did botanical shoes and jewelry

Thank you to photographer Mr Tongzi who took so many fabulous images during the course. Some images are mine.

Feast your eyes on the fabulous work of these very creative students!

woodland bouquet designed by student, workshop at Cohim , April 2016

photo: Tongzi