Botanical Headpiece for Halloween!

A friend suggested that I would make a headpiece with black feathers and chocolate/burgundy flowers. Fortunately we didn’t have any frost yet, so I found plenty of dahlias, chocolate cosmos, hypericum and pokeweed from local growers.  I supplemented them with kangaroo paws, callas, roses,  and dark succulents…

Photographer Ted Mishima contacted model Heather Irish Collins – what a perfect model she was! We did some photos in the studio and then headed to the Mock Crest House in North Portland- the perfect ‘haunted’ house for this Halloween outfit!


Demos for the Botanical Couture workshop at AIFD in Seattle

It was such an honor to be invited to teach 3 botanical jewelry workshop at the annual AIFD Symposium in Seattle.  It was thrilling that the workshops sold out! As I wanted my friend Gwen to capture the pictures, I made these 2 necklaces and bracelet at home. The next day I hopped on the train and had a leisurely ride to Seattle.

Attending Symposium was a very interesting experience; it was great to meet so many people and watch several of the fabulous programs that were presented.

Thank you Gwendolyn Severson (@botanicallyinspired) for the beautiful images!


Botanical Shoes for Florists Review

Thank you Florists Review for publishing hints and tips to decorate botanical shoes. The cold glue from Oasis Floral Products works it’s magic for this project.

Give a pair of old stiletto shoes a new life. Create bespoke shoes for fashion shows, showers, weddings or retail environments. You can never have too many shoes!

Many thanks to Gwen Severson for the beautiful photography!

botanical shoe with begonia leavesm fritillaria and texture,Francoise Weeks


Botanical Couture at the Beach and in the Forest



Last month photographer Theresa Bear organized an epic photo shoot at the Oregon Coast. We spent time at Hug Point as well as at Ecola State Forest .

We had an extraordinary team who made it all possible.

photography: Theresa Bear

models: Alexandra Hagel and Emma Shu-Yi

photo assistant & on set stylist: –Gwendolyn Severson

on set stylist: Brianna Smith

stylist and designer- Brittany Morris

make-up and hair: Esther Puckett


Botanical Dress

botanical dress for event in Chicago, Francoise Weeks

Last week I had the pleasure to create a botanical dress, purses, shoes and jewelry for the grand opening of the new store of Neapolitan – ‘the most exclusive in women’s luxury ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, and jewelry from the world’s top designers’ – in Chicago.

Thank you  Nancy Chase for the opportunity!


Botanical Couture: Earrings


botanical earrings, Francoise Weeks photo Theresa Bear

photo: Theresa Bear

To make the botanical earrings you can either buy inexpensive earrings (some bead stores offer great selections) or make your own, using flatwire and create any shape you like.

For durability, using succulents and textures only is the way to go. I like to de-construct flowers as this offers endless possibilities to design super fun earrings!


Botanical Couture: Necklaces

botanical necklace 2, Francoise Weeks photo Sarah Culver

photo @takenbysarah

The botanical necklaces are super fun to make and  will embellish any dress or blouse beautifully! I like to incorporate small flowers and blossoms, being mindful to use flowers that will  hold up out of water for at least 24 hours. If only succulents and textures are used, the necklaces will last for several weeks. The structures of these designs are made with aluminum wire.  The other option is to buy blank necklace bases.

Photos: Françoise Weeks, except if indicated differently.


Botanical Jewelry: Rings

high res files for slide show presentation

photo: Ted Mishima

Ever thought of offering flower jewelry as an alternative to corsages? Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets  made with flowers and texture are undoubtedly a fun change from the traditional pin-on corsages. It doesn’t take any more time to make a ring than to make a corsage and I bet that anyone will love this unexpected idea. The base is made with gauge 12 aluminum wire, so the size of the ring can easily be adjusted. Because I love detail so much  I like to use small blossoms, textures and succulents, just the same as when I make corsages ; but of course the sky is the limit!

Here are some examples of  flower rings.  In the next few days look for blog posts for examples of botanical necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Woodland Bouquet with David Austin Roses

woodland bouquet with David Austin Roses, Francoise Weeks

woodland bouquet with David Austin Roses,detail 1, Francoise Weeks

The Darcey garden roses from David Austin are mixed with cyclamen and sweetpeas plus succulents, eucalyptus, berzillia, pieris, leucodendron, kale, maidenhair fern, a variety of foliages and a budded magnolia branch. The underside of the bouquet, made in a European bouquet holder from Smithers-Oasis, is decorated with  pothos foliage; the handle is covered with calix of carnations and blackberries at the top.

Than you to Alexander Farms for sponsoring the roses.

Much gratitude to Joni Shimabukuro for capturing these beautiful photos.


Botanical Couture with David Austin Roses

botanical shoe with David Austin Roses,detail 1, Francoise Weeks

A botanical shoe, purse and headpiece featuring the gorgeous David Austin garden roses, sponsored by Alexandra Farms.

Photos: Joni Shimabukuro