Botanical Parasol

Last Sunday Ted Mishima  and I teamed up again to do a photo shoot. Model Kari Renée brought an impressive ward robe – and I loved her work!

Lots of seasonal textures and some flowers covered this parasol – Many of them were sponsored by Rose Hill Flower Farm. Thank you Elizabeth for your wonderful gift!




Botanical Jewelry with Orchids and Texture

The wedding that I did 10 days ago was all about orchids – as I had a few stems left over , I made some botanical jewelry and added some pokeweed berries and elderberries for textural accents. This was such a fun project and I learned a lot!

botanical necklace with orchids, Francoise Weeks


Demo Pieces for the Wedding Workshop at Filoli

Selection of designs for the demos during the workshop at Filoli last June.

pocket boutonnier

pocket boutonnier, Francoise Weeks



Workshop hosted by Filoli in the San Francisco Area in June 2015

I was thrilled to be invited to teach a 2 day wedding workshop at Filoli in the San Francisco area early this summer. It is such an amazing estate with glorious gardens where classes of a wide variety of subjects are taught all year.  It was another opportunity to go to the San Francisco Flower Market to find a great variety of exquisite flowers and textures – and to visit flower friends in San Francisco. Thank you Mindy for spearheading this opportunity, for driving me around and for being such a wonderful hostess.

Feast your eyes on the beautiful selection of designs from the students!


workshop at Filoli in June 2015


Phalaenopsis Headpiece

Thank you Ted Mishima for inviting me to another photo shoot and thank you Fayren for the fabulous modeling!

Phalaenopsis headpiece, Francoise Weeks


Demonstration at the Florida State Florist Association’s Annual Convention

It was such an honor to be invited last fall by the Florida State Florist Association to do an on stage program, and teach to a hands-on workshop at their annual convention in Orlando in June 2015.

The presentation on woodlands and botanical couture and the workshop were sponsored by  BloomNet.The topic of the workshop was woodland bouquets and the students created fantastic designs.  Mayesh sponsored the flowers for both events and Oasis provided the european bouquet holders as well as all the cold glue.

A heartfelt thank you to these companies for their generosity which made this opportunity a reality. I am also very grateful for all the help and coaching from my friend Jo Jarvis for this event.

For 2 days we prepared woodland and botanical couture pieces in a workroom that we shared with Dutch designer Pim Van den Akker. Creativity was unleashed to make the many designs for the program. I enjoyed watching the program of several of the designers and it was fantastic to meet such a great group of creatives!

Here are some photos from the demo. Courtesy FSFA.

Bouquets for demo at FSFA June 2015, Francoise Weeks


Botanical Headpiece with Fans

Last Sunday was a great collaboration with photographer Ted Mishima and model Sarah Pardini.

Inspired by a picture of a couture hat that incorporated fans, this project was a interesting learning curve which involved some interesting mechanics…



Woodland with Gentian

Woodland with succulents, euphorbia, herbs, seedpods, blackberries, sedum, figs, hypericum, thistle, salvia, gentian, kangaroo paws, baby artichokes, romanesco, persimmon,curly garlic,  grasses, mini cymbidiums,…

woodland arrangement with blue flowers, Francoise Weeks


Botanical Jewelry at the RACC Event

I am delighted to have the opportunity to make botanical jewelry for the patrons of the benefit for local artists, organized by  RACC (the Regional Arts & Culture Council) on August 1, 2015 from 5:30-9:30, at Bella Madrona, the Gardens of Sampson and Beasley, in Sherwood.

Here are some pictures of EXAMPLES of botanical rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or haircombs as well as the price list – every design will be unique. You can either pay via paypal or when you pick up the jewelry on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. I can also deliver the jewelry early Saturday afternoon (these orders need to be pre-paid )

If the weather will be hot that day, I will mostly use small succulents and textures.

Please contact me via email ( to place and order to specify your preferences.

Purchase Botanical Ring

Price $30

green botanical ring, Françoise Weeks  botanical ring  and necklace with mini phaelonopsis orchids and texture, Françoise Weeks 

photos: Ted Mishima


Workshop in Bury St Edmunds, England – Designs for Demonstrations

Demo pieces for workshop in Bury St Edmunds , England, hosted by Claire Cowling with Thrive

Day 1: Wedding Bouquets

-woodland and whimsical bouquets

woodland bouquet demo at Thive May 2015