Workshop in Ann Arbor,MI Featured in Fusion Magazine

Last October Susan McLeary with Passionflower hosted a workshop in her studio. The day before the workshop we went to Susan’s favorite flower farm and nursery where we gathered a fabulous selection of flowers, plants and textures.

The second day all the exquisite and detailed designs that the students had created were modeled by Nia Bellona  and fabulous photographs were captured by Alison Bank.

With Holly Rutt, Katherine Seeburger, Laura Boucher, Rebecca Raymond, Jennifer Riley Haf and Larissa Flynn.

Thank you Susan for submitting the article to Fusion Flower Magazine and thank you Alison Bradley for publishing it!




Botanical Couture Workshop in the Studio on July 20, 21 & 22

botanical couture Francoise Weeks- photo Ted Mishima

photo: Ted Mishima

Stunning floral millinery, jewelry, purses and shoes will set your designs apart. Delicate fascinators or bolder headpieces  will be eye catching and wouldn’t it be refreshing to make flower rings, earrings or necklaces for the bridal party instead of the more traditional corsages?  After demonstrations you will interpret the techniques and create your own lush or simple designs, choosing from a plethora of flowers, striking foliages, succulents, seedpods, berries and other textures.

Botanical purses are a great alternative to hand-tied bouquets for the bride, bridesmaids or flower girls. Learn to create designs that imitate the elaborate style of haute couture. These exquisite , detailed clutches or handbags are also perfect for bistro table decorations, as are elegant stiletto shoes decorated with botanical treasures. Or you can pair a shoe and purse for the centerpieces of round or long tables at the reception. These fairytale slippers also can be worn!

For more information or to register click here .

Here are some examples of what you will learn and design.


Woodland Wreath and Lantern

These woodland wreaths were made with lots of texture, some bark, succulents, ferns, hellebores, fritillarias and a few other flower for an event.

woodland arrangement and lantern,  detail 1 Francoise Weeks


Gnarly Wood and Spring Flowers

This beautiful gnarly piece of wood was secured to a container as the base of this miniature gardenscape of hellebore, muscari, tulips, columbines, primulas, enkianthus, succulents, ferns and an array of textures.

woodland arrangement with muscari, hellebore, enkianthus, primroses, columbine, tulips, maidenhair ferns, poppy pods and textures, Francoise Weeks


Workshop in San Francisco with Natasha Lisitsa and Françoise Weeks on August 18&19

Mark your calendars for a doubleheader workshop that is out of this world. International floral designers Natasha Lisitsa and Françoise Weeks are combining their skills for a special two day workshop.

Natasha Lisitsa Headshot Formal

When: August 18 & 19 from 9 am to 4pm

Where: Waterlily Pond Floral Design Studio

1501 Cortland Ave, San Francisco

Cost: $1000, inclusive of all materials; please bring your own tools

Class size is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot as this is set to be a very popular workshop

Details and to register please click here


Botanical Hairpieces

Last year  I figured out a way to enlarge the surface to decorate combs when Portland Bride and Groom  invited me to submit a small hairpiece for the magazine. Here are some examples.

botanical hairpiece with phalaenopsis and texture, Françoise Weeks


Wedding Workshop in the Studio – Student’s Designs

What a great wedding workshop it was in the studio the first week of April! The quaint studio is perfect for an intimate setting for a small group and as always, students came  from several regions in the country: Texas, Colorado and Iowa. It was the first time since last fall that we had access to so many beautiful locally grown flowers and textures!

bounty of flowers and textures for the workshop in the studio, April 2015


Nacre Magazine: La Revue Tendance d’Art Floral :#52 Mariage 2015

So honored that the French magazine Nacre featured some images of weddings and botanical couture in their wedding edition last month.

Nacre 52-1


Woodland in the Spring

When I was in Vermont last month to teach workshops at Green Mountain Floral Supply, Inc., Jayson Munn gave me an exquisite piece of wood that he had collected. It was beyond perfect for a project I worked on last week… My good friend Elizabeth Bryant with Rose Hill Flower Farm supplied the wonderful burgundy parrot tulips, ranunculus, fritillaria and pulsatilla as well as the hellebores, budding grapevine foliage and other wonderful textures.

woodland with spring flowers, 5 Francoise Weeks

woodland with spring flowers, 6 Francoise Weeks


Wedding Workshop in Burlington,VT

The first workshop, hosted by Green Mountain Floral Supply,Inc in Burlington, VT was the 3 day wedding workshop.  A fantastic group of 20 talented designers participated; a handful of them were also flower farmers.

Students made woodland arrangements, wreaths and long arrangements, designed in cones and european bouquet holders  and also made flower crowns and wrist corsages. We also had interesting discussions about business issues, from the perspective of shop owners, designers who worked in a studio and flower growers.

Feast your eyes on some of their beautiful designs!  Thank you Jayson Munn for all your  help!

Pictures below were taken by Jayson Munn and some of the designers.

bouquets mde in european bouquet holders, wedding workshop Vermont, Francoise Weeks