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Botanical Mask and Necklace

I must say that recently I have been a bit obsessed to work with bark. @Grovfor in Wisconsin has been supplying me with a fabulous selection. The intent was to make a mask – but during the photo shoot we realized that the piece also could be used as a headpiece and even a shield. […]

Botanical Jewelry: Rings

Ever thought of offering flower jewelry as an alternative to corsages? Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets  made with flowers and texture are undoubtedly a fun change from the traditional pin-on corsages. It doesn’t take any more time to make a ring than to make a corsage and I bet that anyone will love this unexpected […]

Workshops in Burlington, VT (part 1)

About 8 months ago, Jayson Munn invited me to teach a workshop at the wholesaler Green Mountain Florists Supply, Inc in Burlington, VT. One workshop morphed into 3 and last month I spent a delightful week with the nicest group of people! The selection of flowers and textures was fantastic and the display and variety […]

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