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Purple Whimsical Bouquet

Delectable Fruits and Flowers!

A foggy late summer afternoon. Burgundy and plum flowers on the rim of a compote filled with delicious fruits. Thank you Joni for capturing it all!

Trail of Texture

While working  on a project, we gathered  a variety of texture and simply placed them on the work bench: vines, striking  foliage and seedpods from the garden; kale, mini-eggplants and some fruits; berries, nuts and succulents; grasses, lichen, moss and river rock. What fun centerpieces these would be for long tables! Thanks  Joni for the […]

Bridal Bouquet for Oregon Bride Magazine

A huge Thank You! to Liz  at Oregon Bride Magazine for the invitation to create a bridal bouquet for the summer issue.

Succulent Bridal Bouquet

Log and Texture!

Majestic Foxtail Lilies

Foxtail lilies are amongst the most stunning of all bulbous plants. The spirelike flowering stems can be 4-9′ tall. Hundreds of bell-shaped white, pink or yellow blossoms are massed closely in graceful, pointed spikes. They bloom in late spring and are  magnificent in the garden. Perfect, long lasting flowers for dramatic  arrangements!

Michelle & Julien

April 17, 2010 Ceremony and Reception Site: Aquariva Photographer: Alexis Achten with Jasmine Photography

Twisted Hazel and Lavender Spring Flowers

Thank you Joni for the fabulous pictures! kale and begonia leaves: 2 favorites!

Uptown Billiards Club Wedding

Photography: Matt D’Annunzio Hair styling: Mark Putnam Styling/Wardrobe: Holly Jarvis Location: Uptown Billiards Club