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Botanical Shoes and Purses at the Dunthorpe Garden Tour

In celebration of the Riverdale School District's 125th anniversary, the Dunthorpe Garden Tour was organized on May 4th. Co-chair Holly invited me to showcase some botanical shoes and purses at the event, an opportunity that I very much appreciated. My friend Joni photographed the shoes and purses at my studio. Thank you Joni!  

Botanical Shoes and Purses for ‘Art & Soles’

Yesterday I posted pictures of the silk botanical shoes as well as images of the work of other artists at the 'Art & Sole' show this month at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River. A huge thank you to my friend Joni who came to the studio last Thursday to photograph the […]

‘Art & Soles’

This month The Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River presents a wonderful show 'Art & Soles'. 13 artists partcipated: Abigail Merikel, Judith Harvey, Melody Robichaud, Micki Shampang-Voorhies, Françoise Weeks,  Mark Nielsson, Cathleen Rehfeld, Shawn Daughton, Judy White, Dawn Elle, Mike Friton, Charan Sacher, Damon Clegg. Last summer I was contacted by Dawn Elle, […]

Botanical Shoes!

I have to admit that I'm a bit obsessed with the botanical shoes these days as I was invited to participate in a 'shoe show' at an Art Gallery next month. Very excited about this! Joni Photo  

“The Power of the Purse” Fundraiser at the Portland Art Museum (part 2)

Last week you saw part 1 of the flower purses that I did for the Fundraiser "The Power of the Purse" at the Portland Art Museum.  Here is part 2. Thank you Joni Shimabukuro for the fabulous pictures!  

“The Power of the Purse” Fundraiser at the Portland Art Museum (part 1)

"The Power of the Purse" fundraising dinner at the Portland Art Museum on March 8th was a benefit for GirlsInc. The  mission of this incredible organization  is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Cindy Thompson  Event Productions explains what the fundraising dinner is about: "The Power of the Purse is not […]

Botanical Shoes

Jamie Bosworth Photographer  

Botanical Shoes & Purses at the Benson

Last month I participated in a bridal show at the Benson Hotel. The Wedding Experience  was a luxurious mock wedding,  produced by Simon and Megan Blanco. The botanical shoes and purses decorated the bistro tables for the cocktail hour. Next week I will post images of the flower towers and the log arrangement. A huge […]

Mossy Botanical Shoe

Thank you  for the fabulous pictures Joni!  

Botanical Shoe with Eucalyptus Leaves