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Flower Market in NYC

The most incredible eye candy!!!

Magical Begonia Carpet in Brussels

For 3 days in mid August, the heart of Brussels was ornamented by a vast carpet with a colorful pattern made from more than 800,000 begonias This biannual tradition was initiated in 1971 To learn more about the fascinating history of this  event , how these magical carpets are designed, and to see images of […]

Trail of Texture

While working  on a project, we gathered  a variety of texture and simply placed them on the work bench: vines, striking  foliage and seedpods from the garden; kale, mini-eggplants and some fruits; berries, nuts and succulents; grasses, lichen, moss and river rock. What fun centerpieces these would be for long tables! Thanks  Joni for the […]

Majestic Foxtail Lilies

Foxtail lilies are amongst the most stunning of all bulbous plants. The spirelike flowering stems can be 4-9′ tall. Hundreds of bell-shaped white, pink or yellow blossoms are massed closely in graceful, pointed spikes. They bloom in late spring and are  magnificent in the garden. Perfect, long lasting flowers for dramatic  arrangements!


Romantic, showy, stunning, sensational, soft,…lots of reasons why peonies are so popular. They are named after Paeon, who was physician to the gods in Greek mythology. Peonies originated in China and were introduced in Europe  several hundreds years ago. Some of the hybridizing dates back to the eighteenth century in France, hence the variety of […]


Another favorite! Especially the deep purple ones. Like most woody stems, they often have a difficult time hydrating. The best remedy is to use ‘Quick Dip’: pour about 1″ in a small plastic container; after re-cutting the stems, dip them for a few seconds in this product, which magically helps flowers hydrate much more easily. […]

Flower Purses for Mom!

A few weeks ago I found some moss covered purses; what  perfect containers for flower arrangements for Mother’s Day! As always, any types of flowers or colors can be used; the choice is yours! To place your order, please call 503-236-5929 or send an email to The purses van also be embellished with leaves

Spring Flowers in a Cold Frame

Cold frames are magical: they offer a perfect transition for seedlings that are grown indoors or in greenhouses, before the young plants have to face the daily elements of Mother Nature. They also are used to extend the growing season of vegetables. My eye caught a miniature version of an old fashioned cold frame and […]

Ice Cream Social

Pastel sweetness of Spring… Photography by Joni Shimabukuro

Flowers and Vintage Vases

Vintage style, vintage dresses, vintage vases,… vintage is IN this year! Old bottles of various sizes and types  make an interesting and imaginative collection to fill with spring flowers. A few of these vases clustered in the center of a round table or a selection in the middle of  long narrow tables  look fabulous! And […]