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Woodland Fairy Gardens


Holiday Wreath with Woodland Gleanings


Woodland Arrangement with Pansy Orchids

Thank you Joni for the fabulous pictures!  

Flower Towers and Log Arrangement at the Benson

in October I participated in a bridal show at the Benson Hotel. The Wedding Experience  was a luxurious mock wedding,  produced by Simon and Megan Blanco. Last week I posted photos of the botanical shoes and purses for the bistro tables; here are some images of the flower towers and the log arrangement in the […]

Arrangements for Lauren and Lincoln’s Baby Shower

Thank you Lincoln for the great pictures!  

Hands-on Class is the Studio: Woodland Arrangements

Come join us  for this hands-on class and be inspired by the botanical treasures of the Pacific Northwest! Begin this textural arrangement with lichen-covered branches and moss. Mix in seedpods and berries, miniature fruits and vegies, lush foliage, succulents, fragrant herbs and seasonal flowers. Gather ideas to express your creativity and learn to work with […]

Nicandra Pods

Nicandra is a coarse, erect annual that is native to Peru. It belongs to the nightshade family and can become quite invasive. In early summer, the plants are adorned with 1½ inch  solitary violet bell-shaped flowers with white centers; the delicate blossom, similar to morning glory,  are very short lived but the seedpods are a […]

Begonia Foliage

Plantsmith Nursery  is a begonia hybridizer in Scotts Mill, OR. The gorgeous foliage of their beautiful plants adds wonderful texture to any design! photo: Joni Shimabukuro

Devon & Abraham

Wedding Date: February 11, 2012 Location: venue in Astoria Photographer: Daniel Stark Such a fun winter woodland wedding!

Urban Woodlands with Orchids