Workshop Types

Françoise presents the following workshops. They may be customized to a particular event.

Botanical Couture Workshops

Fashion has long been inspired by nature. In this specialized workshop natural materials and floral arrangements take their inspiration from Haute Couture. Create show stopping purses, shoes, jewelry, headpieces and fabric from flowers, greens, fruits and seed pods. 
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Woodland Design Workshop

Françoise shares her passion for keenly observing nature along with deeply honed architectural skills in her popular Woodland Texture Workshop. You will learn how to see, source, scale and shape natural works of art. Françoise will impart the detail that goes into utilizing logs, barks, branches, mosses, mushrooms, seed pods and berries in rich and textural compositions.
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Wedding Design Workshop

Françoise shares the ins and outs of being a serious floral entrepreneur. Her seasoned business and accomplished artistic advice will set you well down the aisle to being an in-demand wedding florist.
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