Workshop Types

Botanical Couture Workshop


Fashion has long been inspired by nature. In this specialized workshop natural materials and floral arrangements take their inspiration from Haute Couture. Create show stopping purses, shoes, jewelry, headpieces and fabric from flowers, greens, fruits and seed pods.

Françoise is recognized for her innovations in wearable floral art and will emphasize her knowledge of the mechanics and material sourcing that are the springboard for stunning creativity.


Whether a centerpiece or a distinctive bridal bouquet, Françoise will take you through her process of creating a handbag armature that will support your floral fashion fantasies. Learn to artfully layer your purse with foliage, petals and grasses. Give your work texture and detail through the dissection of calix of carnation, waxginger or clematis.


Create bespoke shoes for fashion shows, showers, weddings or retail environments. You can never have too many shoes! This floral footwear may be built from wire or by giving old shoes new life. Learn to look at variegated house plants in a new light, to wrap trumpet, passion and sweet pea vines and to de-construct orchids – phalaenopsis are a great example – to design your dream shoes.


Botanical materials have all the sparkle, movement and gesture of gems and metals. Learn to innovate jewelry design using wire as a base for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Piece together the tiny and often overlooked bits of texture occurring in seed pods, tendrils, succulents, herbs and tropical greenhouse favorites. These adornments stun at galas, weddings and on the catwalk.


Françoise is known for her avant garde headpieces. Her dedication to unfailing mechanics and materials exploration is the key to these pieces of sculpture. Her knowledge will be shared as you construct flexible armatures and your creativity expanded as you build intricate and cascading arrangements from foliage, bark, bundles of berries, succulents and flowers. These dramatic headpieces show off all the tools and tips of the trade that Françoise imparts.

Flexible Floral Fabric

Think scarves, belts, wristbands and open ended possibilities… You will learn the techniques involved in creating flat expanses of botanical “fabric” that can be worn and styled into various shapes. This is a wonderful opportunity to really explore the vast amount of texture that nature provides!

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