The Private Workshop

Work one-on-one with Françoise in her private Portland Studio or bring her to you.

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The Private Workshop

Work one-on-one with Françoise in her private, garden studio in Portland, Oregon. Focus on what you wish to study most, whether it be challenging mechanics, uncommon materials, or floral business logistics.

This mentorship model is ideal for fitting Françoise’s invaluable instruction into your available time and for tailoring the lessons to your specific needs and interests. Françoise’s open and flexible approach perfectly lends itself to a deep exploration of floristry. The Private Workshop is ideal for florists just launching their businesses or for inspiring new directions and fresh ideas in seasoned designers.

Students also choose to combine a pre-scheduled group workshop with a day or two of private classes to further their study and develop their ideas. The Pacific Northwest also has much to offer the botanical tourist during your visit.

Private Workshops are a minimum of eight hours (@135/ hour plus travel expenses for workshops outside of Portland, OR ) and may be booked at any interval beyond that. Contact Françoise to discuss and develop your dream floral workshop.

“I have just returned home from completing not only a three day workshop, but two days of private instruction with Françoise as well. The techniques, floral combinations and inspiration Françoise has given me has been priceless. I have returned back to my job in the floristry industry so excited to continue to practice what I have learned with Françoise.

 The studio is perfect for classes and Françoise has it set up beautifully with an abundant choice of flowers and materials. She was so supportive with ideas and design throughout the time I was there. This is truly a wonderful opportunity to work so closely with a designer, whose work has amazed me for so long and who was so generous in explaining and showing how she creates her designs.”

Sarah Scalzo, Melbourne, Australia