Workshop Types

Woodland Design Workshop


Memories of vacations foraging in the forests of Switzerland led Françoise to innovate her trademark Woodland Texture design. Her home base in the Pacific Northwest provides ample inspiration and material for creative botanical sculpture.

Françoise shares her passion for keenly observing nature along with deeply honed architectural skills in her popular Woodland Texture Workshop. You will learn how to see, source, scale and shape natural works of art. Françoise will impart the detail that goes into utilizing logs, barks, branches, mosses, mushrooms, seed pods and berries in rich and textural compositions.

You will build arrangements from found forest logs, burls, branches, even root balls and will learn how to cover more conventional vessels with barks, mosses or leaves.

Françoise will show you her methods for deconstructing plant materials such as evergreen cones, succulents and ferns. Tools to find your own vision and local bounty will be emphasized during this exhilarating, hands-on studio time.

Workshop Schedule