Flowers for an event at Lille Boutique

Earlier this month I did the flower arrangements for the opening night of “Modern Bride”, a photographic exhibit, hosted by Sarah Wizemann, the owner of Lille Boutique.

Wedding photography from Jamie Bosworth, Aisha Harley, Rebekah Johnson and Bryan Wolf – all of them are award winning local photographers – was displayed at Lille Boutique. This is a specialty shop, located on 1007 E Burnside, where you will find elegant lingerie in a comfortable setting.

There was also an exquisite trunk show of hand-crocheted bridal jewelry by Puiyi Tiffany Pang, the amazing creator of Muntedkowhai.

It is always a lot of fun to provide flowers for events like this! Thank you Jamie for taking these great pictures!

Majestic foxtail lilies!

Purples and chartreuse are a favorite color combination! This hand-tied bridal bouquet was made exclusively with seasonal flower treasures.

For this arrangement made with spanish lavender, an artichoke was the ideal vessel.

Another great container: an eggplant!

Baby artichoke halves cover a container; the vibrant blue campanula ‘grows’ out of a very textured base.

Lille is the name of a city in the NE of France. In the 2 dressing rooms, large maps of France and Paris decorate the walls. The maps were a great backdrop for these arrangements made in cones, covered with foliage.

The partial wall was ideal for this low flower garden.

The bridal jewelry, was beautifully displayed on a small antique table; the log arrangement complemented the setting well.

Jamie found the perfect spot to photograph the woodland bridal bouquet!

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  • kate June 17th, 2009 8:39 pm

    Françoise, these are so lovely. It’s incredible to me how you create such beauty with seasonal plants. After reading Amy Stewart’s “Flower Confidential,” I am even more impressed with your passion for seasonality. I love your work – it really makes that already pretty boutique shine!

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