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I am really excited to be able to offer my course and classes online!

I teamed up with a wonderful videographer, Cam Östman to bring you step-by-step tutorials on botanical jewelry design. There are four pieces from which to choose and I walk you through the craft and thinking behind each one.




Work one-on-one with Françoise in her private garden studio in Portland, Oregon. Focus on what you wish to study most. Françoise’s open and flexible approach lends itself to a deep exploration of floristry.

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Françoise is often asked to give presentations and workshops to garden clubs, associations and museums around the world. Presentations are a wonderful opportunity to draw fans to your venue and to learn more about Françoise’s Woodland and Botanical Haute Couture designs.

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Study with Françoise at a hands-on workshop. Françoise teaches Woodland, Botanical Haute Couture and Wedding design in cities around the world, as well as from her private, garden studio in Portland, Oregon

Botanical Couture & Woodland Workshop

New Orleans, LA
January 23 and 24

Botanical Couture Workshop

San Francisco, CA
March 3 & 4

Woodland & Botanical Couture Workshop in Françoise’s Studio

Portland, OR
March 12 - 14

Wedding, Woodland & Botanical Couture Workshop

Register Now Savannah, GA
March 29 - April 1

Botanical Couture and Woodland Workshop

Register Now Beijing, China
May 12 - 17

Botanical Couture and Woodland Workshop

Register Now Beijing, China
October 20 - 25

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It was a most amazing three days! Françoise is truly an artist as well as amazingly business savvy, and she shares all. Susan Levenhage