Sustainable Woodland Design Workshop in Seattle, WA

Thursday and Friday, April 4 and April 5

9am to 4pm each day

hosted by Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

5840 Airport Way S Ste 201, Seattle, WA 98108

Class size is limited to 20 students!
Create and keep your designs.

Lunch 12 Noon to 1PM: there are many restaurants and food trucks in the neighborhood or bring your own

While many of my more intricate works have relied on floral foam to hold them in place, this workshop will explore eco-friendly ways to create exquisite designs that do not use oasis. It has been a challenge to invent new ways to secure the plant material, and results may differ somewhat from designs previously seen on my blog and website, but I believe it is worthwhile. My thanks to the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market for hosting the event and Debra Prinzing for organizing it and convincing me that students really care as much about the environment as they do about the designs. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Price: $900. With SWGM buyers pass: $810

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Texture book, April 4, 2008, Woodland Series, Tom and Barb Mildner
photo Joni Shimabukuro

Thursday, April 4th Sculptural Beginnings

For Françoise, the Woodlands sprouted from a childhood memory that took a life of its own. A piece of bark, a log, driftwood, a wooden disk, branches, and root balls can all become bases of the unique structures we will create. Learn to use moss and bark to cover containers that serve as the foundation for centerpieces or larger arrangements. We’ll discuss color, texture, form, ideas and techniques.

by Honeysuckle Photography
by Honeysuckle Photography

Friday, April 5th Woodland Weddings

The Northwest is a host of a very rich and lush forest life, which lends itself to stunning arrangements. Using interesting foliage, bark, berries, seedpods, twigs, mushrooms, herbs and some flowers, we'll explore how to make woodland bouquets, boutonniers and corsages as well as arrangement for ceremonies. Come up with your own inspiration to use nature and all of its bounty in lieu of traditional flowers.



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