Botanical Mask and Necklace

I must say that recently I have been a bit obsessed to work with bark. @Grovfor in Wisconsin has been supplying me with a fabulous selection.

The intent was to make a mask – but during the photo shoot we realized that the piece also could be used as a headpiece and even a shield.

And the necklace could be re-purposed as a small headpiece. We had a blast during it all!

photos: Ted Mishima

model: Ella Con Tessla


Woodland Botanical Couture (2)

Here is the sequel to the first part of the photo shoot  that was posted a few days ago.

Photos: Gwendolyn Severson (@botanicallyinspires) and Alba Betancourt

Model: Nicholas Lemere (@nicholaslemere)

Space: Tendue

Bracelets, rings and earrings designed by Gwendolyn Severson

Mask/headpieces and necklaces designed by Françoise Weeks


Woodland Botanical Couture (1)

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a woodland mask, flower crown and bow tie that I had made for a commercial for Oregon Bride Magazine. The video announced their annual bridal show Urban Unveiled  that took place earlier this month at Montgomery Park. It was thrilling that the magazine hired me to do woodland masks, headpieces and jewelry for their fashion show. I look forward to receiving their pictures, so I can post them in the near future. Before going to the event, photographer friends and 2 models did a photo shoot at the fabulous event place Tendue, located on SE 11th and Division.

Rings, earrings and bracelets designed by Gwendolyn Severson

Headpieces and necklaces designed by Françoise Weeks

Thank you @grovfor who provided all the fabulous bark.

A heartfelt thank you to you all for participating. The results are fabulous!

Photos: Gwendolyn Severson (@botanicallyinspired) and Alba Betancourt

Model: Sarah Meyer


Demos for Botanical Couture Workshop in Napa

Photographer Elisa Cicinelli documented so beautifully  the 2 day botanical couture workshop, hosted by Barbara Colvin! Here are some images of the demos that I made ahead of time as well as some of the teaching in action.

Thank you Elisa!


Botanical Couture Workshop in Napa

Last spring, when Barbara Colvin attended a wedding workshop hosted by Brannan Street in San Francisco, she invited me to teach a 2 day botanical couture workshop at her gorgeous property in the wine country.

After buying an incredible selection of seasonal flowers and textures at the Flower Mart we arrived at her beautiful home in the wine country and started to prep and set up for the classes in her spacious barn. Barbara was the most generous hostess and she spoiled all of us with delicious lunches. I have so much appreciation for her generous spirit and for the opportunity to share a lot of mechanics, as well as how to look at botanical materials through different eyes, with her friends. It was a delight to observe them all create gorgeous botanical jewelry, purses, shoes and headpieces.

Elisa Cicinelli  documented the atmosphere of the workshop and the exquisite designs in a magical way. Merci!

And as always I very much appreciated the generous  sponsorship from oasis.

Special thanks to Mindy Rosenberg  for all your delightful help.


The Bloom Project – Bouquets of the Heart

The Bloom Project provides fresh floral bouquets to hospice and palliative care patients on a weekly basis. This non profit organization was started by Heidi Berkman 10 years ago.

Their annual fundraiser at the Multnomah Athletic Club last week was attended by over 300 people attend and the event was a great success.

‘Bouquets of the Heart’ became part of the Bloom Project’s fundraiser last year: several months ago the board of BP selected 5 artists and floral designers. Each one of the 5 artists  was paired up with a florist and we interpreted their beautiful painting or photograph or sculpture with floral presentations. Debra Prinzing was the emcee.

Many thanks to Gwen Severson (@botanicallyinspired) for the photos.


Woodland/Botanical Couture Workshops at Koehler & Dramm

The day after the presentations I taught 2 workshops;  the students made gorgeous and unique woodland centerpieces and a botanical necklaces. 

Thank you to the photographer at Koehler & Dramm for capturing these great images!


Fall & Winter Classic Design Show at Koehler&Dramm Wholesale Florist

It was such an honor to be invited by Koehler&Dramm  in Minneapolis to present 3 programs at their annual Fall&Winter Design Show a few weeks ago.

Much gratitude to all of you who helped preparing all the detailed designs: Carra Otten, Jamie Spellerberg (@wilderlandfloral),  Lynne Tischler, Gary Lenneman, Rhoda Paurus and Jessica Leopold.

A huge thank you also to Jessica for being super helpful the months leading up to the show and during my stay in Minneapolis; you were a true gem!

Here are images of  some of the designs we created for 2 days to get ready for the presentations; thank you so much to the photographer at Koehler&Dramm who captured the designs beautifully! We designed bouquets and botanical couture as well as woodland designs for fall and winter. What a treat to have access to an incredible selection of flowers and textures. It was like being a kid in a candy shop when walking around in the huge supply department to pick out any containers or pieces of wood that struck my fancy!

Thank you Jessica  for the testimonial:

“My company signed on Françoise to be the featured designer for one of the largest design shows in our year. With around 250 people in attendance, Françoise didn’t miss a beat, explaining the actual “how-to” of her designs—something that our attendees crave. She took time to explain how she constructed each piece and even had different examples of “stages” of a design to better show the actual process. She was open to our requests for fall and winter designs and she was very flexible with product availability and specific elements that we wanted her to focus on throughout the show. Aside from that, she is just a downright delight to be around. Her personality is so warm and welcoming, you absolutely feel at ease with her—so down to earth and relatable! She also taught two hands-on Botanical Couture classes that we offered to our customers and all 40 seats sold out the day we posted the workshops! We have had such remarkable feedback from her time here—our customers absolutely loved her designs, found the inspiring and relatable, and very unique. Françoise is a true gem.”

Jessica Leopold AIFD, Design Manager, Koehler and Dramm Wholesale Florist, Minneapolis, MN



Fundraiser for the Literary Arts at the Portland Art Museum

Last week The Literary Arts held their annual fundraiser at the Portland Art Museum. A silent auction took place in the Sunken Ballroom and dinner for nearly 400 guests was in the Kridel Ballroom.

Combining the feel of the beautiful Northwest with Literary Arts was an interesting project but I thoroughly enjoyed it! As I could not find small books to my liking I crafted some to incorporate in the larger pieces.

The inspiration to make the tree came from a great project that Belgian designer Sébastien Dossin (@sebastien_artisanfleuriste) made at the famous Belgian flower show Fleuramour last September.

Many thanks to Gwen Severson (@botanicallyinspired) for the beautiful pictures and @grovfor for all the fabulous bark!


Botanical Mask for a new video for Urban Unveiled Portland 2017: Enchanted Forest

Thank you Heather Matheny for inviting me last month to design a botanical mask, flower crown and bow tie for a commercial to promote Oregon Bride’s MagazineUrban Unveiled 2017‘.

Many thanks to Stephanie Jarstad for the fabulous pictures!

What a great team we worked with:

Video: Moving Pictures

Gowns: Anna’s Bridal Boutique

Hair and Make Up: M’chel Bauxal-Gleason

Models: Allison Cook, Grayson Elmer and Layla Matheny