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Miniature Botanical Dress

For a long time I have wanted to design a botanical dress – decided to start with a miniature one. Lots of texture and succulent were patiently glued for the bodice – petals of beehive ginger were perfect to create the skirt. For the belt I used curly lipstick foliage, hosta buds and seedpods . […]

Botanical Couture and Faerie Chair

Porcelain vine berries are in season – they’re such a favorite and I wanted them to be the common thread through the pieces. Inspired by a picture that I saw in Louis Bou’s book ” Couture Hats’  of a hat/mask combination, I decided to tackle this fun idea. Shoes and jewelry complemented the headpiece. The […]

Article in Floriology

Thank you to the editor Lisa Carmichael and to Evan Grossman who wrote the article. page page(1)

Botanical Couture on Art Beat

When I found out in February that Art Beat – a favorite OPB weekly program – was going to do a story on a botanical couture photo shoot that was planned with photographer Ted Mishima and model Amanda Hathaway, I was absolutely thrilled! Working with producer Katrina Sarson, along with the videographer and sound person […]


Fritillaria is such a favorite!!! Checkered lily is a bulbous perennial that is native to river flood plains in Europe where it is frequently seen growing in large colonies. Plants are somewhat dainty in appearance, featuring solitary (less frequently 2-3), drooping, 2” long, bell-shaped flowers which are checkered and veined with reddish-brown, purple, white and […]

New Wire Botanical Shoe!

This wire shoe frame was decorated with succulents and texture; if misted once a week it will look great for a long time!

Botanical Couture Photo Shoot

What a fun photo shoot last Friday and what a fantastic team! A huge thank you to photographer Ted Mishima and model extraordinaire Amanda Hatheway for making this happen. Katherine Sealy with Event Cosmetics generously offered her make-up services.

Botanical Shoes – Details

Thank you Joni for the photos!

More Whimsical Bouquets

A few more examples of whimsical bouquets! The base can be covered with feathers, striking foliage like begonia leaves or kale, petals, or whatever strikes your fancy. To disguise the handle you can glue on  feathers or foliage as well and if you like those can be super-imposed with pearls, bullion wire etc… photo: Lauren […]

Botanical Headpieces & Jewelry

Yesterday Ted Mishima, Candace van Houten and I collaborated on this foto shoot. Lots of snippets of textures, succulents, tillandsias and small phaelonopsis orchids were the main ingredients to make the headpieces, rings and necklace. Thank you Ted for the fantastic images and much gratitude to Candace for modeling!