Workshop Testimonials



I discovered Françoise’s work as I was thinking about making the jump into the floral design industry. The ethereal, whimsical, and intricate qualities of her creations really spoke to me. I was able to recently take a 2 day intensive with her and was really blown away at the techniques. The mechanics that are taught are tools that can be easily transferred to other designs in addition to her wonderful woodland design aesthetic. Additionally, Françoise challenged me to think of different ways to approach materials, tools, and designs, which really opened my mind! As I left the class, I was so inspired and ready to apply her techniques in different aspects of my business. I would highly recommend a class with Francoise!”

Margaret Ludwig, New Orleans (Workshop in New Orleans, LA) 

No matter one’s design background or level of experience, we as designers all need to attend workshops from time to time to inspire us, connect with other flower lovers and see design from a different point of view.

Attending Françoise Weeks’ Wedding Design Workshop accomplished all of that and more.  The class was attended by people who were just beginning their career in floral design as well as seasoned professionals.  I was impressed with Françoise’s ability to teach to all levels within the same class.  Learning new ways to approach the mechanics of various designs was so helpful and something I will be using in my own designs.  I highly recommend attendance as a gift to yourself and as an investment in your work.  Thank you Françoise for your generous spirit!  It was a joy to see things through your eyes and to try a a new, fresh approach to my floral designs!

Tanya Kratz, Tucson, AZ

I recently had the great pleasure of participating in a woodland design workshop with Françoise Weeks.  I have been a huge fan and follower and it was such a joy to get to spend three days with her learning her techniques and drawing from her creative eye.  My husband will tell you that the evening I decided to do the workshop, I could hardly sleep due to my excitement! It was so worth the time and trip to Portland.  Françoise is charming, personable and so willing to share.  She inspired me to see my world a little differently and gave me new techniques and material ideas to use in my designs.  She is a gifted teacher and I am now blessed to call her a friend.  My time with her will definitely influence my future floral creations.

Diane Reis, Tyler, Texas

I have just returned home from completing not only a three day workshop, but two days of private instruction with Françoise as well. The techniques, floral combinations and inspiration Françoise has given me has been priceless. I have returned back to my job in the floristry industry so excited to continue to practice what I have learned with Françoise.

The studio is perfect for classes and Françoise has it set up beautifully with an abundant choice of flowers and materials. She was so supportive with ideas and design throughout the time I was there. This is truly a wonderful opportunity to work so closely with a designer, whose work has amazed me for so long and who was so generous in explaining and showing how she creates her designs.

Sarah Scalzo, Melbourne, Australia

It was a great experience in attending Françoise Weeks’ workshop of Woodland arrangements and Botanical Couture at New York Botanical Garden on 5th & 6th May, 2017. Traveling from Bangalore (India) all the way to New York for attending her class was quite worth it!

I run a business of miniature fantasy gardens and had never worked with foam and glue before the class, but Françoise was a great instructor and helped me through learning the skill quite personally like a mentor even though I had met her for the first time. I really enjoyed her workshop and I have learned a new form of Botanical design work. My investment in her class was well worth the travel and time that I invested. Françoise is such a wonderful teacher, a good listener and attends to each and every student so that they don’t face any problem and always makes sure to clear everyone’s doubts. She made sure in the workshop that each individual learns thoroughly to their potential. I must say that her art form is so creative & beautiful. Her botanical couture items are totally out of the world that one can’t resist not to have them. Her techniques in making them are so good, neat and innovative.

This workshop was very useful and helped me in enhancing my creativity and to come up with new ideas in my business. Beautiful creations Françoise! And thanks again for adding a new skill in my life. Looking forward to more of your workshops in future!

Shweta Jain, Bangalore, India (Workshop at the New York Botanical Garden)

The North Carolina Museum of Art had the great pleasure recently of welcoming Françoise Weeks as our special guest to Art in Bloom, our annual fundraising festival. Françoise spent the week in Raleigh delighting museum visitors and sharing her passion for flowers with new floral friends. Along with her spectacular talent and natural way with flowers she brought her warm, sunny personality and easy going charm. We were delighted to experience the woodlands through her eyes as she merged nature and fashion in skillfully crafted designs for two packed audiences. In addition, students came from across the US to learn her unique methods in a close up and personal setting and were rewarded with an entertaining workshop on botanical headpieces where they made headpieces of epic proportions.

Inviting Françoise to be our special guest gave her existing fans the opportunity to work with and learn from her, and introduced something new and unusual to those visitors who were previously unaware of her unique designs. We were thrilled to welcome her as part of this year’s event and very much hope she will return to a future Art in Bloom!

Laura Finan, Project Manager, Art in Bloom, North Carolina Museum of Art

Every now and then one comes to a cross-road in life. Whether to attend Françoise Weeks’ Workshop was one for me, and I am so grateful that I decided to register and attend. Whether you are a serious floral designer or simply have a profound appreciation and love of working with botanical materials, your life will be deeply enriched by this experience. Understanding the mechanics of how to assemble a botanical design, and thinking beyond the ordinary uses of botanical materials, liberates the mind to see things plainly and embrace the human need to create.

Valerie Wong, Oakland, CA (Workshop at SF Brannan St. Wholesale Florist, San Francisco, CA)

I attended a 3 day wedding workshop with Françoise and my expectations were so greatly exceeded. As students, we were able to witness and try unique and creative mechanics for all types of arrangements, personal flowers, and jewelry. Aside from the technical aspect, Françoise’s creativity is contagious. I was immediately looking for inspiration and ideas from my surroundings. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and love Françoise so much for having us. I highly recommend joining one of her classes!

Jenny Ford Winston, Salem, NC

I had such a wonderful time; thank you so much. Your vision, spirit and creativity absolutely shifted how I look at the world around me and use that to inspire my work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am already looking forward to taking the woodland/botanical couture workshop in April.

Allison Schatz, Chicago, IL

A Magical Experience!

I was lucky enough to spend a few days with Françoise Weeks seeing nature and floral design through her eyes in her studio. I was simply looking for inspiration when I first signed on for the course but came away with a whole new perspective that will inform all of my work going forward. If you are thinking of attending one of her classes, stop thinking and just go.

Françoise is as unique as her designs. She welcomes you with open arms sharing her studio, ideas and techniques. My group had differing backgrounds and perspectives which we were all able to express in our work under Françoise’s guidance. She provided an atmosphere of being bound by no rules only creativity. No wrong way, no right way, just your own way.

When I first arrived I was both excited and nervous. Did I have the skills to hold my own with both Françoise and the rest of my group? Françoise quickly put those feelings to rest when we began talking about design in general and why we were all there. Over cups of tea I began to see everything I’d been overlooking in my designs and in nature.

I have come away with a wonderful experience, new friends and a whole new outlook. Thank you Françoise.

Wendy Porterfield, Hilton Head, SC

I’ve just come back from an incredible class in Woodland Fantasy and Botanical Couture with Françoise Weeks! I have wanted to study with her forever. The class was everything and more that I had hoped for and Françoise was a fountain of knowledge and so wonderful as a instructor. I feel like I have found a new mentor! Can’t recommend her classes enough!

Laurie Henderson, Snoqualmie, WA

Oregon has an international treasure in Françoise Weeks, an innovative floral designer who is a master technician at form and structure, as well as a fantastically creative soul who combines flowers and couture into masterpieces. I just finished her three-day woodlands/botanical couture intensive and loved learning from her. She is hands on, highly supportive, and unabashed about her love of flowers and the opportunity we have to take impressive design risks to achieve truly unique pieces.

My class had participants from Panama, Chicago and Portland and we had a great time together as we pushed ourselves to take risks and create cutting edge pieces. I came away a big fan of Françoise – I love how she loves her flowers and plants and the special care she takes to support the learning of her students – she made me feel like I could create real beauty in my preferred art form.

Sue Hildick, Portland, OR

I just returned from taking a three day wedding course in Françoise studio. It’s hard to truly express the inspiration and knowledge I am coming back with. To be around a group of people that are just as passionate about design and appreciating everything nature has to offer, is a beautiful thing. From day one, I was overjoyed by the materials offered; succulents, fresh florals, bark, twigs, pods and house plants. This created the perfect environment for each individual to expand their creative mind with the help of Françoise’s instruction to create something truly unique.

Françoise shared her love of this craft and many intricate techniques, not just to varying design concepts but also utilizing different materials and applying them to innovative mechanics. I knew going into the class that her attention to detail as a designer was unparalleled, but I didn’t know that she was also a kind hearted teacher that knew how to explain and demonstrate complex concepts. She invested her time equally in all of the students and gave us both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism on our designs.

This class has given me a new appreciation for all nature has to offer. I am looking at the same materials I have used for the past 10 years, in a whole new way. Françoise’s passion shines through when sharing her knowledge and immediately inspires your creative mind. I have nothing but love and appreciation for her and her beautiful work. I would recommend this class to anyone that is searching for inspiration guided by critical mechanics and a unique outlook.

Brianna Smith, Boston, MA

Françoise’s eye for botanical creations is pure magic. Some of the most valuable lessons in her workshops are the mechanics, whether you’re a pro, aspiring or simply just want to play with flowers you get to learn so many helpful tricks that make floral design even more exciting! Not to mention all the out-of-the-box ideas that help your creations stand out! The opportunity to learn & create with Françoise as well as meet other designers from around the country has me filled with inspiration and I can’t wait to attend her next workshop!

Gwen Severson, Portland, OR

I consider myself lucky. Years ago, facing some life decisions and wanting to pursue a more artistic path, I stumbled into floral design. Throughout my journey as a florist, I have tinkered and toyed with flowers and the artistic expression they offer. But on any journey, there are moments that change the direction of where you are going. Françoise Weeks is one of those moments. She is a true master, not only with flowers, but in showing you the underlying structure that is so important in beautiful design work. A workshop with Françoise Weeks is an enlightening, inspirational, and rejuvenating experience, with experience being a key word. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to study with her on several occasions, and I am sure I will study with her again. I am a better florist, artist, and person for it.

Katalin Green, Bozeman, MT

I just finished the Woodland workshop by Françoise Weeks and I couldn’t be more pleased with the investment I made in this class. I knew, from looking on the Internet, that Françoise was a exceptional artist when it comes to floral design. What I didn’t know was that she is also a gifted teacher. The information she shared was invaluable.

I found the structure of her class was perfect for me to internalize the information she shared. We had 5 different projects during the course of the 3 day workshop. Each time she would start out by demonstrating the project and sharing information on the mechanics and plant materials. Usually she would discuss several different structural options for the project at hand. The students would then select the materials they wished to use and create a floral design using the concepts she had just demonstrated. There was plenty of materials to choose from, both fresh plant materials and found objects from nature (bark, seed pods, pine cones, branches, etc.). The results were amazing. Even though we were working on the same basic project, each student’s work was beautifully unique. While we worked on the project Françoise was available to answer any questions we had (whether related to the project at hand or not) and provide advise when needed.

I’ve taken away so much valuable information from this workshop. Throughout the workshop I had scribbled down so many design ideas I had that were inspired by something she said or demonstrated. What I leaned about the mechanics was very useful and will ensure that the designs I create are stable and transportable. However, I think the best thing I’m taking away from the class is how to look at plant materials very differently.

The workshop gave me a lot of practical information as well as super charged my creative juices. On top of everything else it was just plain fun. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to create beautiful designs that reflect their love of nature.

Linda Pointer, Vancouver , WA

You have left me with an indelible mark on my heart and mind through your design, but much more so our chats and your passion. Thank you for sharing not only your designs, but your humanity and vulnerability.

Amy Ainslie Post, Niagara Falls, Canada – (Workshop at Niagara Falls, NY)

I attended a one day woodland/botanical couture workshop in Niagara Falls this week.The woodland workshop wasn’t about finding sticks in your back yard, but looking at items with new eyes for there texture. Mundane things turn into an amazing composition once put together in a bouquet. The bouquet I created had succulents, fungi, acorn tops, radishes, kale, brunia berries, fern, dracena, jasmine vine, sweet pea, pine cones and a few thing I forgot the name of. While the bouquet was about the texture, for the headpiece I couldn’t resist using some amazing flowers. After lunch they brought out buckets of the most amazing garden roses, ranunculus, freesia, anemones and a few others. While playing with the flowers and textures was certainly fun , learning some tips and tricks from a master was certainly the highlight.

Katie Holton, Grand Rapids, MI – (Workshop at Niagara Falls, NY)

I enjoyed a 2 day workshop by the amazing and talented Francoise Weeks. In just two short days we learned a new type of floral art: bags, hats, shoes, and jewelry. She gave us the tools to create beautiful unique pieces. I look forward to attending another seminar in the near future.

Laila Ibrahim, Westlake Village, CA – (Workshop in Santa Ana, CA)

I really loved this course. As someone who has always loved flowers but never taken a course, this was like a dream come true. I went into it hoping I would learn about business, sourcing, technique – I learned all three plus had a magical time. I now have the confidence to take the next step with my practice and creation thanks to Françoise’s creativity, guidance, and encouragement. We even got to go the flower market together! Françoise is so open with her years of hard-won mastery. She is the real deal – an artisan who has perfected her trade over years of discipline and dedication – a true inspiration to any artist, entrepreneur, or maker!

Jamie Aaronson, Portland, OR

Françoise Weeks is a delight! It is very special to be able to visit with her and learn from her creativity. One learns so many mechanics and gets hands on experience from Françoise with enthusiasm and encouragement. Her warmth and genuine interest in each student getting the most out of the class makes her a highly sought after teacher and lecturer. Finding delight in the tiny, special and natural gives the student a greater appreciation of what’s precious and useful. We had a wonderful week with Françoise and will follow her adventures around the world.

Suzy Askew, Memphis, TN
Dixon Gallery and Gardens Education and Volunteer Coordinator

First I would like to thank you for an amazing workshop in Detroit! It’s December now and my mind cannot ignore nor stop consistently thinking about the experience I had at your workshop. (I’m apologizing now for the novel!) I certainly believe that there is a higher power that brought us together and that I’m truly thankful for all the time I got to spend, learn and design with you!

I have to admit prior to the workshop, I had so much fear and excitement all at the same time. I also was doubting if the trip to Detroit would be worth my while or would I just be criticized and feel belittled when it was over. My age at 27 makes many people think I am inexperienced, even though I have 8 years under my belt. Please do not let my age fool you! (I know I still have much to learn but I have much to give and teach as well). How wrong were my doubts! Your workshop was a safe haven to break boundaries and to passionately design whatever our own hearts desired. This is a rare and true gift to both create and experience.

I knew my week spent in Detroit would change me but didn’t really understand how large the impact would honestly be. I decided to take your workshop because I received an invite, from the very talented Susan McCleary because of a floral dress I made last spring just for fun as a showcase designer at the Michigan Floral Association Conference, who would have known it would lead me to where I’m at now.

The workshop was the first time my own work was worn and professionally photographed for my resume. To truly have ownership of your own creation was a first time experience for me who’s always been a shop girl with never my name attached to any of my work. So everything I had felt was numbing but very life changing and made me question what I wanted for my future.

Thank you for your pioneering and being your true self! It was an experience of a lifetime and I cannot wait for paths to cross again. You are an amazing person, mentor and instructor. I’d love to be in collaboration with some designing again! Sending so much flower love your way!

Alyssa Ferguson CF, Grand Rapids, MI – (Workshop in Detroit, MI)

After attending Françoise Weeks’ Woodland Workshop in Portland, I have felt inspired and encouraged by her knowledge and kind spirit. Françoise inspires you to look at nature’s possibilities and to find beauty in the details. She gives you the confidence to face your fears and pursue your own dreams. Françoise is a true artist who shares her passion with others through her workshops. I had the pleasure of learning unique design techniques throughout the three-day workshop. Françoise shows you how to be creative with texture and work with a wide variety of foliage’s. I hope to have the opportunity to learn more from Françoise in the future, and continue to attend her inspiring workshops!

Deanne Lindberg, Milton, WA

Françoise is a very entertaining floral design teacher who will put you totally at ease from the get-go. A low pressure approach but simultaneously very inspiring. Her beautiful studio was brimming with all sorts of interesting botanical materials, different than you are used to seeing in a typical flower shop. Best of all though is her wealth of crafty knowledge and how she finds a way to make it work.

Attending Françoise Weeks’ Wedding Design Workshop these last three days has given me much inspiration and also has made me more confident in my own design work. I felt encouraged and appreciated by her. We went over all aspects of wedding work including consultations, planning, cost etc. Also she talked about ideas for photo shoots, marketing and other tricks of the trade. This workshop was just the thing I needed and by far the best floral design workshop I have attended.

Marianna Smith, Portland, OR

The Woodland and Botanical Couture workshop was fantastic. Françoise is not only a great instructor, she is generous in sharing her techniques and best practices, and opens your eyes to plant materials for use in ways you will find inspiring.

Margaret Ong, Carmel, CA

I had the pleasure to attend a Wedding Workshop at the studio of Françoise Weeks. Françoise is an extraordinary teacher. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and responded to every question. Nothing was off limits. Working hands on with her was a dream come true. Françoise has an easy disposition, kind heart and is very supportive. She provided a staggering amount of colors, shapes and textures for our beautiful creations.

I highly recommend attending any workshop that you can with Françoise. She is a force of creative energy. I left feeling inspired, exhilarated, happy and proud.

Cindy Schwartz, Chicago,IL

I had been searching for someone to show me the mechanics behind a variety of wedding & event designs, and came across Françoise Weeks. Even though she was half way around the world her work and testimonials compelled me to make the trip. I was not disappointed, I was in fact blown away. I attended a 3 day wedding workshop and tagged an extra day on of private tuition. I learned so much in those 4 days, way beyond any expectations that I could have had. My mind was brimming at the seams and overflowing with ideas, techniques and mechanics. Françoise makes you feel completely at ease and is a gifted teacher, floral designer. Her generosity for sharing her knowledge is huge. I was not only blessed to make this trip to Portland but to have Françoise as my teacher. I can’t wait for Françoise to make a trip to New Zealand so others can learn and be inspired by this incredibly talented woman as I was.

Dianne Guy, Wellington, New Zealand

In three days with Françoise, I felt as if I left with an entire lifetime of acquired information. She graciously shared so many of her self-developed mechanics and strategies for creating amazing floral designs. Additionally she slipped in a slew of infinitely helpful hints on streamlining process, delivering goods safely, and running a successful business. With the small class size, it felt like having three days worth of private lessons among friends. Françoise is a confident and talented artist with a kind, calm, and practical way about her. She is also a skilled and generous teacher with a desire to help each student grow both in her workshop and beyond. Overall, my time spent in her storybook studio was dreamy and left me with an entirely new perspective on floral design and the limitless possibilities for creativity in our work. I cannot recommend a workshop with her enough whether you are new in the business or an experienced designer. You will leave filled to the brim (and spilling over) with knowledge.

Mercedes Ivener, Sioux Falls, IA

Before attending Françoise’s wedding workshop, I was in search of gaining a new perspective on everything floral for design. First step in her beautiful Portland studio, I knew I was in the right place. Things are growing everywhere! During the workshop I learned lots of new techniques, mechanics, and best of all new friendships from all over the country. I could watch Françoise work all day long, she is a true master of her craft. I highly recommend treating yourself to a Françoise Weeks workshop, it’s something NOT to procrastinate if you’re pondering. Truly a nature lovers delight!

Crystal Moreno, Denver, CO

I am still so inspired by the workshop I took with you over 4 weeks ago at Green Mountain Florist Supply. Being a floral/ wedding designer for 16 years, it was so REFRESHING to learn new techniques and designs. It really helped me to get out of my usual sense of design/comfort zone and I can’t wait to use what I learned from you with my upcoming wedding season. Worth every minute. Thanks Françoise!

Tara Pollio – (Workshop at Green Mountain Floral Supply, Burlington, VT)

I have followed and admired Françoise’s work for years. When I read that she was holding a workshop close by, I had to enroll. I have attended many workshops in the past with other designers but, never to this degree of learning the “mechanics” behind the designs. She and Green Mountain Florist Supply went above and beyond my expectations! I came back to my studio/farm inspired, eyes WIDE open to all the possibilities of materials at my fingertips and the knowledge of how to incorporate all into my (NEW) designs. Excited to attend another workshop with Françoise’s in the near future!

Kim Thomas – (Workshop at Green Mountain Floral Supply, Burlington, VT)

Françoise is a brilliant and passionate designer with an unparalleled eye for detail and texture. An opportunity to learn from her is not to be missed! Her creativity extends beyond her unique woodland designs and includes a seemingly endless number of tricks all designers could benefit from. A true artist. I am thrilled to have had an opportunity to learn from such a gifted woman.

Meredith Clayton – (Workshop at Green Mountain Floral Supply, Burlington, VT)

I came to Françoise’s Wedding Design Workshop at her Portland studio as a passionate gardener and aspiring floral designer with virtually *no* training–and what felt like a crazy dream of starting a floral design business for weddings and events. I came away bursting with ideas for creating innovative designs and promoting my brand-new business, plus all of the hands-on skills to do an absolutely beautiful, professional event, and the courage to go for it. Françoise is a marvelous artist, but she’s so practical and generous with her knowledge that all of us felt free to ask even the most mundane questions. She welcomed us into her world, sharing her discoveries, tricks, and disaster stories. We were encouraged to draw from the abundance of fabulous flowers, foliage, and even veggies she had on hand, and she took us on a delightful tour of the Portland Flower Market, pointing out her favorite supplies and materials. I think these three days saved me a year (or several!) of trying to figure things out through other channels, making this some of the best–and most fun–money I’ve ever spent. I’m looking forward to returning for future workshops with Françoise!

Mari Malcolm, Seattle, WA

I recently attended a 3 day Wedding Design Workshop with Françoise Weeks. The workshop was held in her backyard studio and from the moment I walked in, I felt at home. In 3 days, I learned so many big and little aspects of wedding design as well as the floral industry in general.

Françoise speaks from her soul, a place of love, experience, and dedication to something that has been a part of her life since she was a toddler in Belgium – flowers.

We learned the surprising mechanics behind her beautiful floral designs (I will never look at a yogurt carton, zip tie, or aspidistra leaf in the same way). She took the time to get to know us and catered much of the workshop helping each of us accordingly. We spent the last part of each day creating and being inspired by all of the textures and flowers that were available to us. She was generous in letting us use anything we wanted from her studio and allowing us stay later to finish our pieces. She truly didn’t care. She posted our designs on Instagram and couldn’t wait to share all of the “likes” we’d received. While we acted nonchalant, we were delighted.

We came away with a binder full of notes and our heads bursting with a new desire to get creative and start sowing our seeds.

I would highly recommend a workshop or class taught by Françoise Weeks. Your soul will thank you.

Kris Lynch, Seattle, WA

I was thrilled to find out that Françoise was coming to Maui to hold a 2 day Woodland Workshop and I signed up immediately. It was the best money I could’ve spent on myself! She was informative on different techniques to use when designing, encouraging in her direction, and inspiring in her way of seeing beauty and making beautiful things with what surrounds us.

Angela Liva DeCoite, Maui, HI – (Workshop in Hawaii)

The botanical couture workshop was an incredible experience! Françoise is a fantastic teacher and truly takes the time to get to know each student in her class as well as invest in them personally. Françoise is very generous with sharing her professional knowledge about the floral industry. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is in the floral industry or looking to get started!

Jamie Spellerberg, Cumberland, WI

I was looking for a floral workshop to gain hands on experience with floral design. A friend recommended Françoise Weeks wedding workshop. Françoise’s workshop surpassed all my expectations. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for the business is endless. She is a wonderful teacher and open to share all she has learned in her years of experience. Françoise opened the door for me to a whole new world of texture and color that I had never considered before. Her use of woodland materials is unlimited and so creative. And the beauty of it all, she wants to share it with you. Thank you Françoise for sharing and helping me see my potential. I would recommend Françoise’s workshop to anyone from beginner to expert. You won’t regret the experience.

Nikki Schlunz, Happy Valley, OR

Françoise three day wedding course left me feeling inspired and full of creative tools, techniques and ideas. She provided us with beautiful flowers and foliage in ample supply. Everything she touched turned into something beautiful. Somewhat new to the floral field, I appreciated her fresh, no rules approach which allowed me to further develop my own style and feel for designing. She provided sincere feedback, encouragement and shared great tips and advice in regards to developing and maintaining a floral business. The only con to the course is that it had to end.

Kristin Nielsen, Newberg, OR

My life and my work will never be the same. You are gracious, humble, talented beyond belief, and just a genuinely lovely person. Thank you for so kindly sharing your amazing knowledge with us. I look forward to welcoming you to South Africa one day.

Coral Shortt, Cape Town, South Africa – (Workshop in Australia)

Thank you so much for coming to Sydney to teach. It has been an absolute honour and privilege to learn from you. I absolutely love your work, and you have always been an inspiration to me.

Irene Myat, Sydney, Australia – (Workshop in Australia)

“I love the way 1 project can look 4 completely different ways with all the same plant material!”.. This was the best part of the Woodland Botanical Workshop that I took with Françoise Weeks in NYC last week. The plant material was fresh and plentiful and were introduced to Françoise’s magical woodland childhhood vacationing in the mountains of Switzerland gathering botanical ornaments to deocorate and adorn her greenery and floral arrangements.  We were in a private floral studio in a very chic NYC neighborhood just blocks from the flower district.The group was small so we had one on one instruction from Françoise and plenty of time to complete each project. Another plus of our intimate group was the talent of the students and their fresh design ideas and what they did with the techniques we learned . Each design was worthy of a magazine cover! Inspiration is always sparked when different perspectives can be shared and discussed. Her mechanics were straightforward and do-able, we were allowed to let our creativity guide us. Going forward, I will now look at greenery and natural elements to include to enhance my floral designs.  Thanks so much Françoise!

Kristin Kern, New York, NY

Françoise’s Botanical Couture classes are a wonderful way to learn and develop your creativity. Not only did her couture class improve my technical and creative skills as a designer but I can also say with strong conviction that I view flowers and design in a completely different light. I strongly recommend her for whatever floral pursuit you may have.  What an unbelievable teacher, class, and overall experience!

Militsa Ashton, Boca Raton, FL

Attending the wedding workshop at Françoise Weeks private studio in Portland, OR was a pleasure from the moment we arrived until we reluctantly bid farewell to our newly discovered mentor.  The blossom lined driveway was our initial greeting, followed by a warm welcome from our charming instructor for the next 3 days.

Françoise’s classic european design roots combined with her tasteful innovative flare are the things that originally drew me to her work.  I knew I thought her work was lovely and inspiring, but wasn’t sure exactly what she specifically did to achieve her designs.  Once at the class, she taught us to see with “new eyes” as she does, looking for opportunities to combine things we might not have considered before, or to use them in a different fashion. Observing her use of color, texture, and ingenuity in her demonstrations was fascinating.

Françoise’s calm and approachable manner makes her the perfect instructor.  We enjoyed an open discussion where nothing was too amateur to inquire about.  The answers were clear, well expressed, and techniques were detailed in a manner we understood and could then produce ourselves in a similar fashion.

Françoise is delightful and witty, a new friend and truly inspiring designer and advisor.  I can’t recommend this workshop more highly, it is geared for experienced and fresh new florists alike, you will all come away filled, educated, and anxious to go out and create and rediscover from the art and hidden beauty that is surrounding us all.

Kathy Lloyd, Walnut Creek, CA

Françoise is an incredibly inspiring designer and teacher. And taking her seminar was such an eye-opening experience. I appreciated the small sized class and her attention to each one of us and how she customized the class to meet the different level of expertise, experience, and interest of each one of us. She was very patient with our questions and demands (Yes! We asked for countless demonstrations) and more than willingly shared her knowledge of materials, the mechanics of different designs, and the business side of the floral design industry. Watching her choose materials that I had never thought of using before and how she uses them as a whole or as pieces was definitely enthralling and inspiring. I can’t wait to implement what I learned there in my next design.

Not only was it a great opportunity to learn, it was also a great spiritual retreat with a lot of encouragement and support from Françoise and fellow designers who took the seminar together. I can’t recommend her workshops highly enough to any floral design enthusiasts out there.

Haewon Song, San Francisco, CA

Recently I had the privilege of attending Françoise’s 3 day Wedding Workshop held at her charming studio in Portland, Oregon.  What a wonderful experience! Françoise is full of warmth and shares her knowledge, talents, and inspiration willingly. I loved every moment of it! I left knowing that I had not only learned a great deal, but I had also made new friends.
Thank you, Françoise for such a fantastic experience!

Donna Boggs, Walnut Creek, CA

I drove 8 hours to attend Françoise’s workshop.  It was worth every mile.  Françoise’s style and techniques helped to expand my floral design skills.  Working with more vegetation than flowers requires thinking about 3 dimensions, textures, space and movement.  Françoise provides great demonstrations, lots of techniques and a gentle and supportive environment that allows participants to  practice while creating their own style.  To me, this was the next leap I needed in my floral design career.  This is very trendy and eco chic.

Jana Mayfield, Fayetteville, AR – (Workshop in Austin, TX)

I signed up for the Wedding Design Workshop with Françoise in an effort to take my flower growing operation to the next level, and move into providing floral design services in addition to bulk flowers for weddings.  What impressed me the most about the class was Francoise’ ability to meet each student at their level of expertise and development and intuitively guide them to move beyond their comfort level into new territory.   She was so patient with all of our questions, and moved easily between a nitty-gritty discussion of the business side of wedding design into the more creative aspects, customizing her demonstrations and discussions to our specific interests.   It is impossible to take a workshop with Francoise and not come away with an entirely new way of looking at florals and botanicals, and especially TEXTURE!  Watching her process of choosing materials and using them both as whole plants, but also smaller pieces or parts of blooms and botanicals, is a eye opener.  You will never look at kale the same way again!   Her humor and warmth make the class an absolute pleasure, and I hope to be able to take more in the future.  Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Bryant, Portland, OR

Wow-What a fabulous 3 day Wedding Workshop. As an aspiring floral designer, I started my journey with Françoise’s workshop. The business information that Françoise shares and the hands-on work with flowers, foliage and woodland elements was inspiring and educational. Françoise is a wonderful teacher and mentor. The class size was small and very conducive to learning. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.

Deb Horen, Bend, OR

It’s difficult  to put into words the experience of attending Françoise Weeks Wedding Workshop.  Imagine 3 full days of instruction, demonstration and hands-on design all set in a charming design studio with unlimited access to nature’s bounty.  Unlike other teachers who don’t divulge their trade secrets or only provide access to a set number of stems – Françoise is an open book who joyfully shares her wealth of information while generously encouraging students to help themselves to products that they need to fulfill their designs. Her generosity of spirit and willingness to help others grow in the industry make Françoise’s workshops in a league of their own.

Patricia Pearlman, Seattle, WA

Françoise’s class was amazing. Being out of my element, and challenged to do new things is what brought me the farthest. Her kind and guiding nature, and the peacefulness of her garden workshop, were both favorable to learning a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed our business chats as a group, and really appreciated the small class size. I have to say I was nervous to go all the way to Portland as I had never been, but the food and coffee were absolutely wonderful!! Though our styles of design are different, Francoise has given me much needed perspective and new eyes with which to look at things. I am truly grateful.

Lisa Almeidi, Wailuku HI

I would rate this three day workshop with an A++. It’s a “must take” for the serious or aspiring floral designer. Many know Françoise Weeks for her botanical couture and woodland styles, but few know her for her genuine transparency, warmth and willingness to share her tips and insight about mechanics and installations and business issues. Her suggestions on blogs and Apps are really good! No time is wasted and for the value, this course is more than affordable. Even if it means flying to Portland to work with Françoise, it’s worth the commute!

Claudia Cholst, New York, NY

The Woodland Weddings Workshop from Françoise Weeks was an inspirational experience.  I have been a florist for over 25 years and this was just what I needed to help me look at design in a new and refreshing way.  Françoise is a gifted designer, but her true gift is the generous way she teaches and inspires others.  I would recommend any of her design workshops. If you are lucky enough to work with her you will see what I mean!

Julie Bodfish, La Grande, OR

After attending a three day workshop at Françoise’s studio in Portland I was so enchanted that I turned up at another class she taught when she traveled to the Bay Area to teach. She is full of creativity, knowledge and talent. Furthermore, she is an inspiration for innumerable and valuable ideas. Her way of viewing design and flora can be described as playful, curious and appreciative, which she is able to communicate to students while being respectful of individual processes. Each time I attend a course I learn a new way to “see” composition. I am now a captivated fan!

Sheryl Tynes, San Francisco, CA – (Workshop in Orinda, CA)

I recently had the pleasure of attending a two day design workshop with an extremely talented floral artist, Françoise Weeks.  We learned how to make her signature woodland arrangements and bridal bouquets on the first day.  On the second day we studied and practiced botanical couture.  It was amazing.  Even after my 20 years in the floral business working with wonderful designers, I learned so much more than I had anticipated.  Françoise is an inspiration and a  wonderful teacher.  She is very willing to share her knowledge of techniques and materials, which she has come about through years of experience.  Françoise opened my eyes to both new techniques I was unfamiliar with, and more importantly, new ways of looking at and using familiar materials.  I have come away from the workshop inspired and excited.  I highly recommend her workshops to any floral designer looking to be inspired and improve their designs.

Tanya Slye, Half Moon Bay, CA – (Workshop in San Francisco)

Françoise’s Woodland Botanical workshop exceeded my expectations in every way especially since it was something I had never done before.  She is so warm and easy to relate to and her humble expertise is amazing.  In two full days, I felt that I learned so much that I will surely use in the future.  All five participants were very sad to say goodbye to Françoise and each other.
VERY successful workshop that I highly recommend to anyone!

Sharri Robinson, San Francisco, CA – (Workshop in San Francisco)

A magical elegance and unique style, describe both Françoise Weeks and her botanical and woodland designs !
Taking Françoise’s workshop was enlightening and educational! Françoise shared many of her secrets allowing us to create wonderfully complex floral arrangements from the most simple elements. Françoise generously demonstrated the techniques necessary to bring our arrangements to life while keeping them fresh and secure!
Françoise is a gentle soul with a gift for teaching. I loved taking her classes.

Kasey Hansen, San Francisco, CA – (Workshop in San Francisco)

I was lucky enough to attend her 3 day wedding workshop this fall in beautiful Portland, Oregon. It was so wonderful to finally meet and learn from Françoise, after admiring and following her work for years. I used to gaze at her incredible pieces and wonder ” how did she do that?!” It was so thrilling to learn the secrets behind her gorgeous designs.
The 3 days were invigorating, eye-opening, and restorative- exactly what my creative soul needed. I left feeling re-charged, inspired, and looking at flowers, foliage, and nature’s “textures” in a whole new way!
I can’t recommend her workshops enough, I am simply a better designer after spending time with her!

Susan McLeary, Ann Arbor, MI

I spent 2 days with Françoise in Pennsylvania and it turned my love for floral in a new direction.  When I used to walk thru nature, I always looked at the larger thing, now I walk thru nature and look at all the little things.  I have been a big fan of Françoise’s for quite some time but now I appreciate her even more.  Such a kind and generous person Françoise is and so talented. If you haven’t taken one of her Woodland Classes then you should.  Thank you again Françoise for showing with us a your love and talent for floral design.

Jackie Johns, Birmingham, Alabama – (Workshop in Reading, PA)

Françoise, I enjoyed your Wedding Workshop immensely! You are a natural teacher and mentor; you awaken the creativity which we all hunger to express. Your introduction to your very unique style has indeed, taught me to see with new eyes! I also got to share information, inspiration, and some great meals with 4 other fellow designers, whose work was all beautiful as well. I hope our paths will cross again soon.

Sylvia Clavier, Covington, LA

It really was such an amazing time, as someone who has followed you on Facebook for sometime as just an admirer, but then get to sit down and listen to you and learn your genius techniques for 2 days, it was just incredible. Sadly, this was my first workshop I’ve taken after 10 years in business and I have to say it really started me thinking about so many new techniques and ways of thinking. It brought me back to my days in art school where I was encouraged to just be creative and focus on the process versus my more frequent real day orders. I was reminded of how important the process can be and just how much I really enjoyed it, especially while doing so alongside other creative students.

In the past month since the workshop, I have used so many of the new techniques learned and taken advantage of many of the new resources brought to my attention. I am so excited to say that in the next few weeks I will be creating both hairpieces and flower purses for wedding clients!

Thank you so much again for your patience, versatility, encouragement, and time!!

Amy Epstein McManus, Baltimore, MD –  (Workshop in Baltimore)

It was such a pleasure meeting you last week. Your class was absolutely amazing — I had a wonderful time, met some great people, and learned so much. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the mechanics for all your stunning creations. I appreciate your teaching me how to really “see” the goodies the forest has to offer — my walks in the woods are so much more fun!

Terry Godfrey, AIFD, Wahington, DC  – (Workshop in Baltimore)

Françoise, I am stuck on writing this! What to say that everyone who has attended your workshops hasn’t already said?

I enrolled in the woodland workshop. I needed help creating a focus for my new studio. I wanted to learn specific mechanics and was in great need of inspiration – to be reminded of how magical it is to be able to work everyday with flowers.

Françoise Weeks’ Portland studio was the inside of a botanical genie’s lamp.  She helped me make magic with her overflowing treasure trove of textures and colors.  She allowed me many, many wishes; from mechanics I was anxious to learn to business and marketing advice, she granted all.

 Françoise’s generosity with practical information and generosity of spirit and artistry were exactly what I needed.  I accomplished and learned more in three days than I could have hoped (and I had very high hopes). Most importantly, I have returned home to my studio utterly inspired.  There is nothing more valuable or magical than that.

 Autumn Keller, Indianapolis, IN

I had the privilege of recently attending a workshop hosted by Françoise Weeks.  It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience.  I not only leaned new techniques and interesting mechanics, I was also inspired!  Françoise is an amazing instructor and designer.  From a beginner to a highly skilled designer, I think anyone would benefit from such fantastic workshop!

Amy Dunlap , Winston-Salem, NC –  (Workshop at Holly Chapple’s Studio)

Please accept my genuine gratitude. It’s been a long time since I’ve been moved so passionately the way you did during your workshop. Almost as if the lost piece of my creative expression was found and ignited within me – an aha moment. In your class I felt overcome with inspiration; I’m convinced you have changed my flower world. Thank you from my heart.

Gloria Collins, Rockland, NY – (Workshop at Holly Chapple’s Studio)

The wedding workshop with Françoise was amazing!! I loved every minute of it – from learning about the mechanics of designing woodland pieces to creating woodland designs, to learning  about more about her business. Françoise is an absolute gem of a person and brings her gentle and encouraging qualities straight into her teaching. Her work is stunning and I feel so lucky to have gotten to learn from her.

Lacey Lavies, Indianapolis, IN – (Workshop at Holly Chapple’s Studio)

I was in desperate need of inspiration! Françoise reconnected us with nature and the abundance of materials found within our reach daily. The forest, the beaches, our gardens are alive with  inspiration and Françoise provided us with the tools and techniques to create new and innovative approaches to design. It was a wonderful 2 days. Thank you Françoise.

Jean Thill, Leesburg, VA – (Workshop at Holly Chapple’s Studio)

I had a wonderful time with Françoise Weeks at her Wedding Workshop. The information that I gained on mechanics of design and business operations were invaluable to my business. Françoise’s approach to design is inspiring, and after completing her workshop I now have the confidence to pursue creative outlets that I may not have had before. Françoise has a wealth of information to share and did not leave any questions unanswered. I would recommend this workshop to designers of all levels, whether they are looking to develop creatively or improve specific areas of their business.

Carly Moberg, Vancouver, BC

I never imagined a teacher could be such an extraordinary source of inspiration.  Françoise Weeks generously shares her years of floral expertise with students while enlightening them about her signature woodlands and botanical couture styles that she has become famous for.  To study with her is a gift from the floral master herself.  Run, don’t walk, to sign up for one of Françoise’s classes. This hands-on adventure will be one of the most inspirational and energizing floral experiences you will ever have!

Mindy Rosenberg,  Hillsborough, CA

I really believe that one should never stop learning and so I enjoy attending occasional design workshops with topics that I am interested in or with designers whose work I admire. I can say unequivocally that the three day Woodland workshop with Françoise Weeks was the most valuable and enjoyable workshop that I have ever attended.

Françoise’s talent and creativity is palpable as you spend time with her in her amazing studio. Her love and knowledge of foliage and flowers surround you as she demonstrates and then lets you create with a bounty of beautiful specimens. Nothing in the shop is off limits!

As a former teacher, I know that the best way to encourage growth is to give students guidance, spark imagination, and then let them explore, experiment and practice. Françoise creates this valuable model for you in her workshops but the best part of all happens when you realize that Françoise is enjoying the process as much as you are!

If you are passionate about your work, realize that we should never stop learning, and most importantly can recognize great talent among your peers, then you must spend time with Françoise Weeks. It will truly be a delightful experience for you! You will emerge with “new eyes” and a renewed sense of the beauty of nature.

Kathy Maguire, Austin, TX

The Françoise Weeks’ Wedding Workshop opened new ways of thinking about design, marketing, and making a profit in today’s wedding economy.  Françoise generously shares her knowledge, insight, tricks, design process, and business prowess.  Her experience as a respected floral designer, teacher, and successful business owner provides her with the insight and wisdom to mentor flower enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.  She creates an environment of camaraderie, allowing everyone to share our passion for flowers and discuss our business strategies.

The workshop provides the opportunity for each student to focus on the areas they want to work on. Because it’s limited to a small number of students, she is able to spend quality time with each person.   The small group also allows the designers a chance to get to know each other. We have all stayed in touch and continue to support each other.  Françoise also checks in regularly, offering advice and encouragement.  I highly recommend this workshop.

Lori Eschler Frystak, Los Angeles, CA – (Workshop in Los Angeles)

Françoise Weeks is someone I have been following for quite a while, enchanted by her European style and her incredible woodland pieces. I would swoon every time I saw any of her work and would constantly try to figure out how she made her pieces, to no avail! I was so lucky to take her workshop in Los Angeles last month.

Françoise is incredibly sweet, generous with her expertise, and humble. She holds nothing back while teaching her unique mechanics and attention to detail and texture. I was blown away by what she shared with us and will incorporate it into my work for years to come. Her focus on texture, romance, whimsy and detail is unparalleled in the industry. I’m crazy for Françoise Weeks!!!

Kate Minelian, Venice, CA – (Workshop in Los Angeles)

I recently attended a 3 day workshop in Los Angeles with Françoise Weeks. It was the most incredible experience in so many aspects. Our small, intimate group allowed so much one-on-one time with our ever-so-talented teacher and we created 2 arrangements every day. My favorite part was that we could create based on the inspiration and mechanics taught by Françoise. This really allowed us to expand on the theme and allow our imaginations to run wild. The choice of flowers provided were very unique and not the usual suspects, which also was very inspiring. I learned so much and continue to learn not only from Françoise, but also from my fellow attendees, who still provide me with advice and information. Françoise could not have been more welcoming, warm, encouraging, talented and ever-ready to help. We still email and I follow her on FB every day. I plan on taking the next workshop she does in my area, which cannot be too soon!

Tara Grand, Los Angeles, CA – (Workshop in Los Angeles)

To say I enjoyed Françoise’s LA workshop is an understatement.  The intimacy of the small group was bar-none fabulous!  It allowed for individual instruction and the chance to build off each others’ interpretations.  Françoise’s easy, open, and giving style really set the stage for more learning that you can imagine.  Being with her really sparks your creativity.  I am grateful for the time I spent with her.

Becky Learner, Los Angeles, CA – (Workshop in Los Angeles)

I had an amazing time at Françoise Weeks Los Angeles workshop. I learned so many different techniques that I’m excited to put into use in my own work. Learning from Françoise definitely pushed me creatively and helped me to stretch my wings again after feeling stuck. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to expand their creative horizons.

Leslie Armendariz, Long Beach, CA- (Workshop in Los Angeles)

Taking a class with Françoise was just what I needed to add a new dimension to my floral designing style. Françoise helped me to see greenery and textures in a new light and how each little piece adds such an interesting dimension to my flower arrangements. I highly recommend taking a class with Françoise to anyone who is looking for some new perspective to their designing ways.

Alicia of Flirty Fleurs blog, Sonoma, CA

I have been designing for weddings and special events for over 20 years. I am also a teacher and a floral design mentor. It is essential and crucial that I stay inspired and energized about design. This of course is a bit of a challenge as I know a thing or two about design. Heading to Françoise’s studio in Portland was a very exciting and rejuvenating investment in my future. I found everything I needed to keep me going and inspired for another 20 years. Time with Françoise was one of the best investments in my business I have ever made and more importantly it was the best investment I have ever made in me the artist. At Françoise’s I tried projects or techniques that I simply had not ever imagined before. I also used several standard floral design products for the first time that I had unjustifiably decided I hated. Contempt prior to investigation, is a dangerous thing. I am now a fan of several standard floristry items that I had previously deemed a bit too atypical for me. The endless mechanics I learned will never be forgotten and I will forever have a flower shop full of plants. I have countless new resources and irresistible elements to use in my designs. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!!! I called my trip to Françoise “European Floral Design Via Portland”.

One other fun note, our class had beginners all the way to professional designers and all of us were equally enthralled. You must give yourself the gift of Françoise.

Holly Heider Chapple, Leesburg, VA

I have admired Françoise’s work for sometime now, so when I was able to fly cross-country to participate in her workshop, I jumped at the chance. The investment in my business was well worth it! I left the workshop feeling rejuvenated, more confident and creatively inspired by Françoise who was so encouraging and generous to share her skills and knowledge. This allowed me to leave the workshop with tons of tricks and information that will help me grow my business and become a more successful designer. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make the trip!

Sue Prutting, Potomac, MD

I am very thankful I took Françoise Weeks’ 3 day wedding design class. It was full of inspiration, useful tips and creative design outlets to practice what I was learning. Her design studio was amazing, Françoise was kind and easy to learn from. She had everything we needed to create our own masterpieces. I have hopes of taking more of her classes in the future as time allows. We are very lucky to have someone as talented as Françoise sharing her skills and ideas. I recommend her classes to anyone at any skill level, professional florist, or just seeking a creative energy boost.

Angela Johnson, Eugene, OR

As a florist, I have loved Françoise Weeks’ work for years.  I would look at her arrangements and wonder “How did she do that?”  I finally attended her Woodland Design Workshop at the end of January – I should not have waited so long.

Françoise has a vast set of techniques, mechanics, and secrets to teach, but encourages you to pursue your own ideas when inspiration strikes.  She works through projects with you, and assists with the simple mechanics so that you can focus your time and efforts on exploring designs and creating multiple pieces.  I walked out of her workshop with a completely new style in my repertoire, and enough photos of my creations that I am already selling my new style to brides.

Her beautiful studio is just bursting with unique flowers, foliage, succulents, branches, mosses and pods.  It was hard to know where to start.  I was so inspired to create that it seemed as if each day passed too quickly.  I left Portland invigorated and hungry for more; even three weeks later I am recording new ideas in my sketch book daily.

Françoise is a passionate artist and a generous mentor.   This workshop was not only a joy to take, but a valuable investment in the future of my business.  I plan to attend the Botanical Couture Workshop next.  Thank you for being so open with your knowledge, resources, and time Françoise!

Janet Martineau, Cincinnati, OH

Almost a year ago I came across some pictures when I googled floral headpieces. ‘Too bad Françoise Weeks is in the US’ I thought (Michelle lives in Zurich, Switzerland). Every now and then I would search for botanical couture workshops in Europe. Soon I realized: there’s nothing comparable to her work so I have to travel to Portland, Oregon.

I will never regret that decision because this creative 3-day-workshop was the best I ever attended! Françoise showed mechanics that everyone can easily follow. If I had an idea in mind she never tried out before, she  would say: “I haven’t done this before, let’s figure this out” and sure thing, she would find a very elegant solution.

The selection of flowers, plants and accessories was fantastic; at times it was hard deciding what to use . I’m very grateful for everything she showed and taught me in her beautiful atelier. I really enjoyed every minute of it, because it was an easy, interesting and very entertaining way of learning.

Michelle Brugger, Zurich, Switzerland

As a person new to the floral world the wedding workshop was a wonderful way to start developing a style of my own.  Not only for weddings, it is a useful workshop for all areas of floral design.  The studio was full of flowers, seed pods and greens of interesting textures and shapes–all available for me to use.  Françoise makes it a warm and comfortable environment with relaxed instruction and helpful ideas.

Laurel Bishop, Portland, OR

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Wedding Flower Design workshop. Your workshop studio is a very relaxing and inspiring environment to work in. Having you available all three days, all day long, for hands on creative and practical advise was truly priceless. It was fun to hear about some of your experiences on how you work and create. I hope to take another workshop soon. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.

Judy Gross, Springfield, OR

Thank you for the workshop!! I learned so much in three days! You are so gracious in sharing your years of experience and knowledge in such a warm and nuturing way. Your cirriculum is well planned and endlessly full of important information. My sincere gratitude.

Susan Coulon, White Salmon, WA

I found Françoise’s work completely by chance when looking for ideas for my wedding flowers. I immediately fell in love with her woodland creations; with their amazing shades and textures, all ordinary flower arrangements suddenly paled in comparison.

Within a few weeks I had flown from the UK to Portland to attend Françoise’s wedding workshop, determined to learn about her woodlands arrangements in the hope of producing my own for my upcoming wedding.

From the moment I met Françoise until the moment I left Portland, the smile never left my face. Françoise, in her lovely little studio filled with amazing plants, flowers and other goodies, is an incredibly friendly, generous and effective teacher. She taught me an unbelievable amount in such a short space of time, instructing and encouraging with lots of useful tips and suggestions. In the three day period I learned how to make numerous different centerpiece arrangements, bouquets, corsages, head wreaths, flower balls and more. She helped me to plan for all the details of my wedding flowers – including some difficult logistics – and even took me to the flower market to help purchase some necessary supplies. As for the flower arrangements I created and took home, well, my fiancÈ couldn’t believe how beautiful and professional they were (he has suggested I change careers!)

Françoise has amazing creative genius and is kind enough to share it with others. Her workshop is one of the best things I have ever done and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Carrie Lambert, Derby, UK

I stumbled upon Françoise’s work by pure chance. Her woodland creations were so unique that I knew I had to make my way from Australia to meet this mastermind! After 27 hours of flight, I was finally here in Françoise’s charming studio.

There are florists and there are talented florists and without doubt, Françoise is the latter. In the short three days spent with her, she has showed me the difference between a mediocre floristry work and one created by someone who is passionate about her work. Françoise’s passion is clearly evident in her creations. Moreover, the level of details and her meticulous approach to her work is unbelievable. Françoise has definitely mastered the technique of woodland design.

Françoise is such a warm and down-to-earth type of person. She is not afraid to share her design ideas and techniques, a trait that is hard to come by in the competitive world of floristry. For someone who just starting out, I am grateful of Françoise’s willingness to share her ‘know-hows’.

After all the discouragement and disappointment, thank you Françoise for helping me rediscover the reason why I took up floristry and thank you for your words of wisdom, I will continue to work on my passion to succeed and not succumb to my fear of failure.

Jessie Wong, Perth, Australia

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the last three days with Françoise Weeks attending her wedding workshop. From the moment I entered her studio, I was overwhelmed by the bounty of materials and possibilities. Then I was thrilled to watch her create her trademark masterful floral designs. She carefully led me through example after example and then encouraged me to try everything on my own. Her quiet encouragement and support was just what I needed and I loved everything I made. Without hesitation, she accommodated every request I had for instruction and it will take me months to translate the wealth of knowledge and experience she shared. I cannot express completely how talented she is and I am so grateful for her willingness to share her hard earned skills and abilities. I came to the workshop as a hesitant novice and left feeling like a professional. Thank you Françoise!

Christy McMillen, Bella Lula Flowers, Boise, ID

This workshop was a dose of pure inspiration: from the minute I walked into the studio, I felt the buzz of creative ideas rocketing around in my head. Françoise is a brilliant teacher who has a clear excitement for sharing her methods, and also for encouraging the unique voice of each student. Her generosity was truly a special gift: it is quite rare to find someone so willing (not just willing, thrilled!) to share the secrets behind their work. Françoise did just that and more- demonstrating techniques and mechanics, then encouraging us to follow our own instincts and ideas, helping us along the way with one-on-one feedback and suggestions. It was so fun, inspiring, informative and encouraging- I left feeling elated from three days of flower-filled learning, with tons of new ideas and little tricks to bring my own artistic vision to life. It was fantastic in every way- thank you so much!!!!!

Kelly Sullivan, Seattle, WA

The Wedding Workshop is the most valuable investment I’ve made in my start up business as a floral designer. Françoise generously shared her knowledge, insight, tricks, design process, and business acumen. Her experience as an A-list floral designer and successful business owner provides her with the insight and wisdom to mentor flower enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. She created an environment of camaraderie, allowing everyone to share our passion for flowers and discuss our business strategies. She shared a wealth of experience in determining what works and doesn’t work in all aspects of the business, from marketing to delivery, from Facebook to driving home safely.

The workshop provided the opportunity for each student to focus on the areas they wanted to work on. Because it’s limited to 4 students, she was able to spend quality time with each person. She drew out our individual goals and dreams and gently guided each designer to stretch and see each flower, leaf, and berry with new eyes. She shared lots of deep knowledge of flowers, plants, greens, (and other secret ingredients.) She outlined characteristics that make certain flowers better for certain types of arrangements. She answered each question with a personal story that illustrated her early mistakes and her ingenious solutions.

As an out-of-stater, I was thrilled to be able to take most of my arrangements home on the plane. If you’ve never been here, plan an extra day or two. The charming town of Portland has amazing restaurants, gardens, galleries, and retail. I hope to return some day soon to take more workshops from Francoise.

Lori Eschler Frystak, Los Angeles, CA

I have just returned home after taking Françoise’s 3 day class, and I can tell you that I am now full of ideas, motivated and even more passionate about floral design than before. It is still a ‘hobby’ to me, and I am thinking about taking the next step. Her love of nature is evident from the moment you walk through her gate and into her lovely studio. Françoise has provided me with new skills, and has helped me to overcome challenges.

Françoise gives her knowledge freely and eagerly, she wants to share her love of this art and her vast experience. She shares not only her mechanics on how to design, she tells you what has worked and not worked for her, how to avoid disasters, how to order and how to price. My ‘takeaway’ from this 3 day course is that I now have ‘new eyes’.

It is a class to inspire you, no matter what your level of expertise. Thank you, Françoise, for the encouragement, I know you are someone I will stay happily connected to.

Karen Batman, San Mateo, CA

Spending time in Françoise Weeks’ studio is a magical experience, where she weaves a bounty of foliage, flowers, fruit, vegetables and little bits of sticks and moss from the forest into enchanted arrangements. Walking into her studio, I was awestruck by the selection lined along the walls, all for me and my fellow participants to choose from for our own creations made under Françoise’s guidance.

The day passes by at rapid speed. We started by getting to know the other students. Soon, sitting around the worktable, we watched the creations taking shape. Mixing tips and tricks learned in her years as a teacher, businesswoman and florist with detailed demonstrations for making the unique arrangements she is known for, we soon set about making our own versions of the morning lesson. Choosing from the huge selection of materials provided, we went to work. Everyone’s creations were so different, imaginative and wonderful.

She guides with a quiet manner and gives great practical advice. I have been in the floral industry for many years and came away with so many time and money saving tips, and a renewed spirit of creativity.

The area where the studio is located in is very pleasant for a person travelling alone; lots of walkers and bicyclists out. I stayed at a B&B which is a 5 minute walk to her studio, and there are many casual eateries and coffee shops just a few minutes away too. From the airport, the light rail and bus was an economical and easy way to get to my lodging.

I can’t wait to walk up the driveway, through the gate, into that wonderful studio, to be inspired again by Françoise!

Laurie Garza ,Reedley, CA

Just completed my second floral design workshop with Françoise in her dreamworld studio. Three days with Françoise, and I’m completely reinspired in floral design and in life! Aside from being an incredibly talented artist who’s portfolio includes hundreds of gorgeous weddings, she is an exceptionally effective teacher. She approaches her students much in the same way she weaves unsuspecting raw materials into art. She brings to mind the Michelangelo quote, ‘In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action’.

When a group of students come together in her studio with differing skill levels and various work and life perspectives, she sees within each one a talented artist full of raw potential, ready to blossom before her. Filling the workshop with her old-world Belgian charm, Françoise shares her experienced knowledge generously, nurturing each student with a high level of individual attention. The next time I need a creative jump start and a dose of enriching food for my soul, I’ll be back for another workshop! Merci Françoise!

Jessica Munn

I read about Françoise and her classes on the internet. I was delighted to find that she had room for me in her class. It was three days of intense learning. Françoise is an amazing teacher. Her design style is so inspiring. I was happy by the small classroom size and we all enjoyed each other a lot. I can hardly wait to return and take another class from Françoise. I believe that I will incorporate many of the wonderful tips and ideas into my flower design.

Thank you Françoise for everything.

Elizabeth Marvin, Austin, TX

Just a week ago flowers were not my business though they were my world. Well, after three days with Françoise they are so imbedded in my thoughts I simply can’t walk away from all my new found knowledge. So, I spent Sunday cleaning the garage for a new work space, I am working on a business license and plan to dive in (slowly, weddings??? well, we’ll see) and allow my creative energy to continue to soar! When I read the article in the Oregonian about Françoise something screamed out to me and I had to meet her. I hesitated because I had no interest in doing wedding flowers though knew there was more to this class than a bouquet and table arrangements. Once I met her I was hooked! It was a most amazing three days! Françoise is truly an artist as well as amazingly business savvy, she shares all. Her esthetic concept is intoxicating and her wisdom over the years has taught her mechanics beyond the traditional. She most certainly thinks outside the box and never says no to any request, instead she embraces each challenge and is always determined to succeed. Her studio was like entering a safe zone where life outside didn’t exist. It was just a few ladies (new friends!) and we all soaked up as much as possible, every minute was cherished while time seemed irrelevant. There is no judgement (except our own…) and everyone is given the space to do what works best for them. There was so much energy in that studio I think the roof could have lifted! As the ideas began to simmer and the wild and fantastic materials became more familiar there were endless new ideas emerging as the days progressed. I am a changed person and my last trip to the coast proved that. I foraged better than any junker as my arms were always full and now on my daily walks I am making mental notes of the fabulous natural materials that are so abundant. I am kind of obsessed and there is no looking back with Françoise as my new hero!!!

Susan Levenhage

This June, I was lucky to attend Françoise Weeks’ Wedding Flower Workshop. Arriving to her studio in South East Portland was any flower lover’s dream come true. It was full of all kinds of amazing flowers, greenery, succulents, house plants and other things all waiting to be used. We began each of the three days with discussion on different business aspects of the floral world and then moved to the design table to watch Françoise create some amazing arrangements and share her mechanics and secrets. Then, the studio was ours as we choose what we wanted to use and do. Françoise was right there to answer questions and help us to make what she had shown us. After a short lunch break we were back in the studio for more demonstrations and to create more of our own pieces.

I learned so much about all the available floral materials out there, mechanics, and the flower business itself. I gained a great amount of confidence in my floral design skills. And, I had so much fun playing with all the woodland things and whimsical flowers. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting started in the wedding flower world or to anyone who is already in it and wants to further their creativity and expand what they have to offer. Thank you Françoise for the wonderful class!!!

Melissa Frazier, Boise, ID

After spending three days in the flower heaven that is Françoise’s studio, it was so hard to leave! This class was exactly what I was looking for and Françoise is exactly the teacher that I’d hoped for. It was a perfect blend of useful conversation, hands-on playtime, and awe inspiring demos. Françoise is so open and willing to share her experiences out of a genuine desire to help aspiring designers like myself learn the realities of the floral business while also gaining the courage to follow their dreams. It was profound enough of an experience that I expect to look back 5 years from now and credit her class for changing my life forever. Thank you, Françoise!

Tonya Ray

Taking a class with Françoise has been on my to-do list for a very long time, and the real thing was even better than I could have imagined. The wealth of information that Françoise shares with her students, and her easy-going yet straight-forward approach allows for a super fun yet educational atmosphere. I learned to make the types of arrangements that I had been too intimidated to try in the past, and Françoise gives you the tools to make the most intricate of designs. I really can’t say enough amazing things about Françoise and her class, and can’t wait to come back and take more!

Olga Miroshnichenko, Los Angeles

I loved Françoise Weeks’ wedding workshop and would recommend it to others who love flowers. Her openness to share about her business and her gentle instruction made it easy for me to let go and be creative. Her studio was a wonderful place to spend time – one of those places that you just have to experience to fully appreciate. If you are an aspiring florist this class will give you a taste of the business and if you are already a florist this course will remind you of why you love what you do, allow you sometime to just ‘play’ (with others who love the same craft) and give you the tools and instruction to do some of Françoise’s signature designs.

Jeri Barr

My experience with Françoise Weeks is simply priceless. I discovered her classes as I was searching to work with a floral designer that had something “different” to offer. As a business owner and floral designer myself, I wasn’t sure what to expect upon meeting her and taking her classes. Françoise is unbelievably talented, her vision is incredible and her teaching technique is outstanding. I had the pleasure of spending three days with Françoise and it was worth every penny. I was able to work one on one with Françoise, and gained endless amounts of knowledge in floral design, and also gained a friend. She is so caring, so passionate and makes you want to be a better floral designer. She helped me to understand the mechanics of design, and really empowered me to think outside of the box. I am looking forward to traveling again from NC to Portland to work with Françoise. Thank you Françoise, your classes are amazing, truly the best experience of my life!

Robyn Oakley, North Carolina