Woodland Table Arrangement with Early Spring Flowers

woodland arrangement with spring flowers,2 Francoise Weeks


Structural Woodland Arrangement

Yesterday I posted pictures of one of the arrangements that Oregon Bride Magazine  had ordered for their booth for the Portland Bridal Show this weekend.

The  structural arrangement that we created was inspired by the design on the cover of the brilliant book: Botanical Art: For Your Eyes Only, by Jo Jarvis and Sarah Horne. Manzanita branches were the support for the ‘chandelier’ part of the structure; and a gnarly old branch was perfect for the vertical element.

photos: Ted Mishima

woodland structure, Françoise Weeks

woodland structure, detail 2, Françoise Weeks

woodland structure, detail 1, Françoise Weeks

Textured Vase with Blooming Branches

Oregon Bride Magazine ordered a couple of large arrangements for their booth for the Portland Bridal Show this weekend. It is such a delight when clients  give us carte blanche; thank you Heather!

For years I have decorated endless numbers of small containers with textures, but never a large vessel. I bought the largest French bucket that I could find and covered it with moss. And then I glued hundreds of succulents, berries and blossoms. Patience definitely was a big part of this project…The intricacy of the vessel was off-set by a large bunch of blooming honeysuckle branches. Blooming branches were a bit tricky to come by, but luckily Glenwood Farms had these fabulous bunches. Photographer Ted Mishima came by yesterday to capture these beautiful images. We were lucky that the sun decided to be part of the experience.

textural vase, Francoise Weeks


Woodland Bouquet for a Fall Wedding

It always is a delight – albeit it happens rarely – when clients give us ‘carte blanche’ to do the flowers for their wedding or event… The bride’s only request was that I would incorporate a small piece of honeycomb that she gave me.

This couple was married at Bridal Veil – a stunning setting in the Columbia Gorge. And they loved woodlands…

green woodland bridal bouquet with accents of chocolate brown, orange and purple 1, Françoise Weeks


Botanical Shoe with Eucalyptus Leaves

Every surface of this high heel shoe was meticulously covered with eucalyptus foliage, The rim was decorated with small blossoms  of oncidium orchids and pineapple lily and lots of texture such as  small succulents, blackberries, seedpods ,…

botanical shoe with blackberries, succulents,orchids, Françoise Weeks


Arrangements in an Artichoke

Here is a selection of arrangements made in an artichoke. They are the perfect size for bistro tables and they always generate some conversation!

lavender in artichoke, Lille Boutique, Francoise Weeks

Jamie Bosworth Photographer

materials to make an artichoke arrangement, Francoise Weeks


Wreath with White Spring Flowers

wreath with spring flowers, Francoise Weeks


Beach Inspired Centerpiece

This was a fun project! I don’t know how to draw or paint, but it sure was fun to create designs with colored sand!

pale yellow, white and green arrangement in container filled with colored sand, Françoise Weeks


Eleanor & Elias

Wedding Date: August 31, 2014

Ceremony and Reception: private home in Sherwood

Photographer: June Lion

Thank you Kelly for the great pictures!

white bridal bouquet, Françoise Weeks

white hair flowers, Françoise Weeks


Woodland Workshop in the Studio on February 16, 17 & 18

woodland arrangement on bark 4, Françoise Weeks

photo: Jamie Bosworth

Explore the many possibilities the woodlands have to offer and be inspired by the botanical treasures of the Pacific Northwest! Françoise’s absolute love for this style of arrangement stems from her time spent as a child in Switzerland. Foraging for a piece of wood or bark and moss and adding some wildflowers, she would make arrangements for her Mother while on summer hikes with her family in the Alps. Her woodland fairy creations have since bloomed into unique centerpieces and bouquets using the foliage of the Northwest as her muse. Detail is paramount in these layered, intricate creations. Gather ideas to express your creativity and learn to work with woodland materials found in nature!

Woodland Workshops are intensive and inspiring, providing insights and techniques developed over many years of European floral design. Classes begin with a lecture and presentation, where your input and questions are welcomed.

After a demonstration of floral techniques and mechanics, you will design your own pieces. You will hone your artistic talents, and will be encouraged to listen to your intuition and further your own vision. Classes are limited to five students to ensure valuable individual attention.

Dates: Monday February 16, Tuesday February 17, Wednesday February 18

Time: 9:30am til 4:30pm (1 hour lunch break)

Where: At Françoise’s Studio

Cost: $1,300 – A 50% deposit is requested to reserve your space; the balance is due February 2.

For more information or to register, please call 503-236-5829, email francoise@francoiseweeks.com or check  here